Comey Under Oath: ‘No One Pressured FBI to Halt Investigations’

Sucks when your own words contradict your lies.

Via Gateway Pundit

Former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath May 3rd that the Trump administration had not pressured his agency to halt any investigation for political purposes.

Comey admitted that the FBI has always been free to operate without political interference—flying in the face of Democrats’ paranoid delusions about Russia and President Donald J. Trump, and exposing for what it is a new political witch hunt Wednesday by enemies within the president’s own Justice Department.

Videotaped testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee blows apart the phony narrative New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt wove on Tuesday, which resulted in Mueller’s appointment. Schmidt’s only sources were anonymous. They claimed that on Feb. 14th, the day after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned, Trump had asked Comey to end an investigation into Flynn’s connections to Russia.

Schmidt’s allegations that Trump attempted to obstruct justice hinged on the sources’ accounts of a memo authored the same day. Schmidt, a Democrat party lackey, admitted he hasn’t even seen the document—dated nearly three months before Comey’s testimony that totally contradicts it.

Comey’s statement to Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono from May 3rd, which Center for Security Policy analyst Nick Short noted Wednesday, exposes the Democrats once again for their political gamesmanship.

Lying during sworn congressional testimony is committing perjury, a federal offense punishable by up to five years in prison.


Comey actually blurted out the truth this time.

Comey, and the rest of the Obama regime, either took the Fifth or lied under oath whenever it was necessary to cover for their crimes and corruption.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath about Fast and Furious and also lied under oath about illegal tapping into reporters’ emails and phones.

James Clapper lied under oath.

Hillary Clinton lied before Congress about Benghazi and her email server.

Former DHS chief Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano lied under oath, and created a ‘Domestic Threat Assessment‘ that was in fact an ‘Enemies List‘.

Lois Lerner lied under oath about targeting Tea Party groups.

The new IRS Commissioner John Koskinen lied, spun, denied, and openly smirked at any attempt to get at the truth.

William Wilkins, the Chief Counsel of the IRS, testified before the House Oversight Committee, and came down with a case of CRS (Can’t Remember Shit).

No one in the entire Obama regime, including the  former Corruptocrat-in-Chief is being held accountable for their crimes.

So much for the ‘federal offense’.  But then, laws are for little people.


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