Commie Ex West Point Cadet Now Attending University of Texas as Grad Student in History Department

Just wonderful. He’ll be teaching the virtues of despots like Mao Ze Dong, Stalin, and Lenin.


notorious self-proclaimed Marxist who was discharged from the U.S. Army is now attending the University of Texas as a grad student within its history department.

Spenser Rapone is best known for celebrating his May 2016 West Point graduation by wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt under his uniform, and displaying the message “Communism will win!” inside his military headcover.

While Rapone was eventually discharged from the U.S. Army after an investigation into his online conduct found that he was an advocate for a socialist revolution and disparaged high-ranking military officers, the former cadet has found a new home in the world of academia.

According to Rapone’s biography on the University of Texas website, his interests include, “consciousness, political theology, decolonization, violence,” among other topics.

“[Rapone’s] research is primarily concerned with the question of the spirit and soul in modern thought,” the biography reads. “Specifically, he seeks to reconstruct and historically situate politico-theological ideologies such as Ba’thism and similar thought-forms in the Arab World and beyond.”

“Ba’thism” refers to an ideology that involves a fusion of socialism with Arab nationalism.

Rapone’s biography omits mention of his former military service, as well as the fact that he had received an “other-than-honorable discharge” from the Army less than a year after his pro-communism photos went viral on social media.


He’s probably going to use his military education to lead a platoon of Antifa.

The little fuckstick supports a political ideology that is diametrically opposed to our Republic. We are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies; foreign and domestic. He’s a domestic enemy. His objective was to use his position in the military to subvert democracy. He’s an abject disgrace to the uniform. His communist ‘revolutionary’ dogma violates the oath he took. He was also mentored by a muzzie West Point professor.

The service academies and the military in general are being infected with “Critical Race Theory” and “woke” bullshit.  The saturation of  leftwing political doctrine has replaced warrior ethos. One of the instructors at West Point forced cadets to call cops “murderers”. Forget warfighting skills. They’re going to be issued certificates of social engineering that describe their expertise in gender and race identity, and “white privilege”.

The graduating classes will be full of Rapones.

God help us.



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