Cops Gone Wild…Over Citizens’ Videotaping

Carlos Miller is a photo journalist who runs a page on a site called

His page:

From his profile:

Carlos Miller is a Miami multimedia journalist who has been arrested twice for taking pictures of cops.

He’s beaten both cases, including a resisting arrest conviction that he had reversed on appeal pro se (meaning without a lawyer).

And he’s documented some of the most absurd cases against photographers over the last few years.

Since launching Photography is Not a Crime in 2007, Miller and/or his blog has been mentioned in USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, ABC News, Fox News, Chicago Sun-Times, NBC Washington, The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Miami New Times, The Daily Record (NJ), BoingBoing and Playboy Magazine.

In March 2010, PINAC won the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blog Award for “Best Overall Blog,” beating almost 200 other local blogs.

He has also been interviewed by countless radio stations and been asked to speak in front of classes and on panels where he shares his expertise on First Amendment rights in the digital age.

Some samples from his website:

A woman in Rochester, NY was arrested in her own front yard for videotaping cops at traffic stop on her street. According to the arresting officer, Mario Masic, she made him feel ‘unsafe’ and said she seemed ‘anti-police’.

Las Vegas police arrested a woman and beat a man for videotaping them.

A teen in North Dakota was arrested for videotaping an officer outside a police station.

There are hundreds of news articles involving abuse of police authority on the site.  If you’re on blood pressure medication, make sure you take it before you read them.

Several points:

Every police cruiser in this country is equiped with a dash cam. They don’t seem to feel ‘unsafe’ about that.

Major cities have installed surveillance cameras to record crime on their streets.

ATMs photograph people doing transactions.

Traffic lights have cameras installed at intersections.

Cities and towns have cameras set up at speed traps.

Security cameras are all over the nation’s airports, convenience stores, shopping malls, private business, people’s homes, and parking lots.

This isn’t a matter of stalking or invasion of privacy.  Cops are public servants and their actions are a matter of public record.  Even the bad ones.

2 thoughts on “Cops Gone Wild…Over Citizens’ Videotaping”

  1. I suppose the cops forget that they are paid by, we the people, and we the people have a right to tape them. They work for us.

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