COVIDIOCY: Unhinged Lunatic Threatens to Murder People Who Aren’t Wearing Masks

Gateway Pundit

A Florida man was arrested by the police on Tuesday night after he made threats of mass shooting people who are not wearing face masks while shopping at Publix grocery store.

Robert Kovner, 62, who lives in Sebring, Florida, reportedly posted his threat on Facebook. The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of the post then booked and charged Kovner with a second-degree felony.

His bail bond has been set at $30,000, per the Miami Herald. The police also charged Kovner for facilitating a felony using a two-way communications device.


That’s a prime example of how the triggered moonbats go off the crazy cliff when they see, hear, or know of someone who refuses to submit to the out-of-control government mandates while the country’s economy disintegrates and civil liberties are trampled.



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