Crispus Attucks Tea Party Group Formed in Houston

Good for them!

Anita MonCrief, infamous ACORN whistleblower, was  asked to go on Sean Hannity’s radio show Thursday the 20th to discuss the founding of America’s first black Tea Party.

Named after the first person to die in the Revolutionary War, the Crispus Attucks Tea Party was founded January 18th, 2011, at “This Is It” soul food restaurant in the heart of Houston, Texas’ 3rd district.  (Read the interesting original court documents about the “Boston Massacre,” including a dramatic description of Attucks’ slaying, here.)

The 3rd district is Represented by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and was the focal point of rampant ACORN-style vote fraud and widespread voter intimidation this past November. It is thus fitting that this tea party had its inaugural meeting right down the street from Lee’s residence.

With the typical politesse and considerate attitude of conservatives — always left unreported by the press (do ya think?)  – Rep. Lee was extended an invitation to the event. And with typical leftist rudeness, Lee snubbed it. Wonder why? These are her constituents, after all.

Surprisingly, the local Fox News channel reporting on the event hastened to observe that many attendees at this founding meeting were white. Simply unbelievable. Is it not even possible to attend an event in support of the group without the information being somehow skewed by the media to suggest that it wasn’t “authentic” because white people were there???

One blogger put up a hilarious parody of liberal hypocrisy, observing that if they could get away with it, liberals would report the event as: White Tea Party Racists Attend Black Tea Party.

Well, never mind. The times they are a changin’! Yes they are, and the media is getting the message, whether they want to hear it or not. We are not going away.

But isn’t the Tea Party a “racist, white, male, middle-aged, redneck group”?

Holy crap. Does this mean even black Americans don’t like oppressive taxation, big government, having their health care choices taken away, and are fed up with Dems who patronize them?

This should give the Left an aneurism.

Some input from Ms. MonCrief:

Anita MonCrief
I have allowed the press to label it a black Tea Party but it was not my intention. All are welcome. We put Tea Parties where members live, so why not in an urban area? Why do we say that we welcome everyone but expect folks to travel outside of their area to attend a Tea Party? Why is is weird that we are asking whites and blacks to come into the so called ‘hood for these meetings? America, EVERY inch of it, is at stake, and every neighborhood should have a TEA Party.

We respect and honor the Constitution. We believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, less taxation, a strong national defense, free-market prosperity, and individual liberty.  We want elected representatives to remember they work for us.
The TEA Party is open to anyone who shares the same principles; regardless of skin color.
Kudos to Ms. MonCrief for her patriotism.

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