D.C. Police Enforce Sharia Law, Remove Muslim Women From Mosque

Another reason why women who belong to this oppressive misogynist cult should rethink their membership.

The Islamic Center, housed in a magnificent building in Washington, D.C., has been around for over a half-century, but it is seldom in the news. Unless you drive by (on Embassy Row) you would not know that it there. Because it is supposed to be a peaceful place of worship, we would not expect local police to enter.

Yet last March they did. Three D.C. Metropolitan police officers entered the center, at the direction of an imam, and removed six Muslim women. Their crime? They were worshiping peacefully in the main prayer hall after the imam announced that women were forbidden to enter that area.
What happened in Washington, D.C., should remind us of the peaceful sit-ins of the 1960s. The courts found that the police action removing people from private businesses violated the Equal Protection Clause.

In a series of cases the lower federal courts and the Supreme Court reversed convictions of black and white civil protestors who were convicted under state criminal trespass or disturbing the peace laws when they sat in the “white-only” section of various lunch counters and restaurants and refused to move after having been ordered to do so by the agent of the establishment.

……Our First Amendment protects the right of people to believe whatever they want to believe. But there are limits to how they can act on their beliefs. For example, a religion may believe that racial segregation is God’s way. They can believe that, but the state cannot aid that belief by, for example, giving federally subsidized loans to colleges that discriminate on the basis of race. The people of Washington, D.C., should not be enforcing shariah law.

I get it.  It just depends on what “trespassing” is. Kinda like when a muslim female gets beheaded, stoned, acid thrown in her face, or beaten to death because she “trespassed” against her Islamic/Koran-dictated status as subhuman chattel.
Aside from that, muslims have trespassed into America with Sharia Law, terrorist attacks and Dhimmi encroachment of our schools, politicans, and judicial system. Can I call the cops?

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