de Blasio Threatens to Arrest Jews After They Gathered for a Rabbi’s Funeral

Nice threat, Adolph.

Gateway Pundit:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (Democrat) issued a warning to the “Jewish community” that he would arrest them for gathering in public as they did for a rabbi’s funeral in the Williamsburg neighborhood Tuesday night. De Blasio personally intervened in the funeral gathering as a violation of social distancing rules for the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

His Nazified Tweet was not well received:

de Blasio has a different approach to muzzies:



On 23 April, de Blasio catered meals to muzzies celebrating Ramadan. 5 days later he sends a “message to the Jewish Community” that they would be arrested if they held a gathering.

Background on de Blasio:

He supports communist revolutionaries in Latin America.

He promised to end surveillance of muzzie terrorist activities.

Oblivious to the irony, he spoke to a group of powerful union members, political elite, and wealthy liberal establishment about a “revolution” against the “bankers, billionaires and brokers of Wall Street.”  This was after he had breakfast with a leading hedge fund manager and investment banker–as an effort to entice the business leaders to accept his agenda.

The day after a NYC cop was assassinated, he jetted off to the G20 summit to support leftwing thugs in Europe.

Congrats, New York. Your mayor is a socialist, pro-radical muzzie antisemite.

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