Dear Establishment Republicans: This is Not the Way to Get Support From Your Base

One thing right off the bat: I’m not a big Trump supporter, but I understand why he’s got such a large following.

All the controversy over Donald Trump has really got the rank and file GOP’s panties in a wad.

Most of the Republican voters realize that Trump won’t be nominated, but he does strike a chord with Americans who are completely fed up with the bullshit and in-your-face corruption in D.C.

The GOP would do itself and its supporters a favor if it went through a major overhaul.

While the RINO idiots criticize Trump,  Obama runs roughshod over the Constitution, the country sinks lower into debt, our world standing has been severely damaged, the border still leaks like a sieve, the illegal alien carnage continues, and nothing is being done to stop it.

There’s a reason why groups like the Tea Party were created and gained influence and momentum. The GOP abandoned the principles in the United States Constitution of limited government and fiscal restraint.

Republicans vilifyinsult, and denigrate faithful grassroots Republicans and Tea Party Patriots for holding them accountable and demanding that they fulfill the promises they made. We expect that kind of filth from LeftProg Dems; not from our own party. The majority of seats gained by the GOP in the House in 2010, was due in large part to the Tea Party movement; a fact that escapes their selective memories. We also had considerable influence in the 2014 mid-terms.

We gave them a majority in the House after the 2014 mid-term elections, and nothing has changed.

We elected them to stop Obama and the DemProgs in their tracks. They turned out to be chickenshits unwilling to take the risks necessary to accomplish that.  They’re so afraid of being called “racist”, “mean”, “uncaring”, and a variety of other leftwingnut pejoratives, that they quake at the mere thought of fighting to get this country back.

Instead of backing Republicans who have strong Tea Party values, they were dismissed as ‘fringe’. Instead of doing what we elected them to do, they cave into the petty little tyrant in the White House and his tools in the Democratic Party.

We’re fed up with RINOs,  illegal alien panderers, and business as usual bureaucrats who fail to back up their avowed commitments, opting instead to make excuses for their failure.

John Boehner, whom I’m ashamed to admit is from my home state of Ohio, is a shameful pussy.  His collusion with Dems helped increase the debt by $3.8 trillion. He should not be Speaker of the House.

It’s not just the pious RINOs who bad mouth angry constituents, the arrogant bastards in the conservative media, who should know better, have jumped on the bandwagon.

Instead of embracing the concepts of Trumps’s stance on illegal aliens, the economy, and foreign policy, they trash him and the people who support those basic common sense principles.

Esther Goldberg writes in a column published at the American Spectator, that these constipated pundits are consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome:

Thursday morning I prepared a lovely prune-based compote. My husband adores this dessert, but I wondered if I shouldn’t send it over to George Will’s house, as an act of mercy. For Will has never before seemed as constipated as he did in his Thursday morning column on Donald Trump, whom he describes as “an unprecedentedly and incorrigibly vulgar presidential candidate.”

What exactly does Will mean by “vulgar”? Is it an epithet that Washington arbiters of taste use to describe the regular vernacular and humor of everyday Americans? If you eschew complex ambiguity in favor of language that everyone can understand, does that make you vulgar?

In a nod to personal liberty, Will grants that Trump’s “squalid performance and its coarsening of civic life are costs of freedom that an open society must be prepared to pay.” Yes, democracy is like that. It is exuberant and accommodates a glorious diversity of taste and expression. “Life, like a dome of many-colored glass,/Stains the white radiance of Eternity,” wrote Percy Bysshe Shelley in Adonias. I, for one, adore the stunning display of colors and shapes with which God endowed this world. There’s room here for the Trumps as well as the Wills. Eternity with its white radiance can wait.

……Trump’s message resonates with working-class stiffs who believe that, despite his wealth, he understands them and their concerns. When he speaks, they understand him. There’s no complex grammar to parse. And there’s none of the phony folksiness you get from the Dems, none of the sho-nuffs and y’alls from a Hillary. To many ordinary Americans, Trump represents the promise of America as a land where everyone should have an opportunity to make it to the top if he works hard enough. These are the folks who gave the last election to Barak Obama because he made this promise, and now they’re disillusioned.

But Will can’t accept that these folks might be or become Republicans. To Will, these “Trumpites” are more plausible as vulgar Archie Bunker Democrats than they are as Republicans. So let’s ignore them.

But then I recall Will sniffing his nose at another déclassé Republican candidate and his supporters as “kamikaze conservatives.“ That was Ronald Regan, and Will invited him to form a third party and lead his mob of followers “into outer darkness.” Will acknowledged that while this “would cost the party some support…it would make the party seem cleansed.”

Ronald Reagan was the best president in the 20th Century, a fact that obliterated Will’s snotty conjecture.

……George Will is not the only Ruling Class Republican to express contempt for Donald Trump. And some express even more contempt for those who like him. Writing forNational Review Online, Charles C. Cooke calls Trump a “virus.” (What is it with these misophobics?) and those who like him are ill, infected. You can recognize them because “by their dull, unreflective, often ovine behavior, they resemble binary and nuancless drones.” Nuancless?

A GOP ‘consultant’ calls Trump supporters “low information voters”, a term that best describes Obama’s liberal tools.

Insulting and degrading Trump simply because of the way he articulates the very issues you should be targeting, won’t get you anywhere.

Trump hits it off with people over illegal aliens, foreign policy, and the economy.  But his positions need tweaking with more specific facts and solutions. I just think he’s better suited as a CEO of the major companies he owns.

Donald Trump and the Republican base of Tea Party voters make the establishment RINOs squirm over their own lack of courage and their constant submission to the DemProg minority. Trump doesn’t have that problem.

Other than Trump’s recent addition to the GOP presidential candidacy, Ted Cruz seems to be the only Republican left with guts.  If all goes well he’ll get the nomination and make Scott Walker his running mate.

Note to the GOP, the conservative media, and pundits: If you want to unify the base and get this country back on the Constitutional track, you’re going about it the wrong fucking way.

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6 thoughts on “Dear Establishment Republicans: This is Not the Way to Get Support From Your Base”

  1. I am curious. How is the phrase “Most of the Republican voters realize that Trump won’t be nominated,” as utterly dismissive and unsupported as it is, less vitriolic as anything George Will said about Trump and his followers?

    1. Scott,

      Name one time when I’ve written anything that’s vitriolic about Trump. I offer constructive criticism. There’s a distinct difference.

      Trump won’t get the nomination, not necessarily because of his brashness, but because he doesn’t give specific thought-out solutions to the important issues. For instance: He advocates a wall at the border to supplement security. Great. It’s just that he thinks he can force Mexico to pay for it. Mexico is a third world cesspool that Bubba Clinton bailed out to the tune of 26 billion dollars. Nothing in that country has changed. He should promote the idea of a wall, guard towers, well-armed and equipped border agents, and a policy of deporting every single illegal caught in this country; including closing the loophole of anchor babies.

      Aside from that, Trump’s record of flip-flops matches that of other rank-and-file RINOs. I go by a candidate’s record; how they vote, where they’ve stood on issues, and the actions they’ve taken to back up their rhetoric. Ted Cruz is the only one who remains consistent. That’s why he’s more likely to get the nomination.

      Like I said, Trump’s okay, but until or unless he fine tunes his strategy and explains why he’s changed his mind on important issues, all the bluster in the world won’t get him elected.

      SFC MAC

      1. Thanks for the response, SFC MAC. I already did point out the vitriol in the phrase in question, and why I see it that way. You may not see it that way, but I do. Your additional commentary is has more vitriolic IMO. It also has inaccuracies. It doesn’t take into account Trump’s recent stated positions on border security and illegal immigration. He gives you much of what you say you want and explains how he will get Mexico to pay for the wall. Concerning flip flopping, Reagan was a Democrat before he became a Republican and I still voted for him, twice, and got more from these votes than I ever thought imaginable. Trump is where most of us want to be–thriving and independent. Shoot me for wanting this for me and mine too. Cruz is a good man, but he doesn’t have the record of getting things done across a wide spectrum of challenges the way, and to the extant, that Trump has his whole life. I’d have no problem supporting Cruz in the general. He would be my next choice if Trump was to blow up. There’s a few tickets I’d get really excited about. Trump-Cruz is at the top of that list. Cruz as Senate Majority Leader certainly floats my boat as well.

        1. Scott,
          Do you even know the meaning of vitriolic?:
          Very caustic; scathing: vitriolic criticism.

          You pointed at a phrase that you disagree with so vehemently that you interpret it as “vitriol”. You are hypersensitive to the point where constructive criticism translates as abrasive hatespeech.

          I already know about Reagan’s political switch. As a democrat, he wasn’t exactly a liberal, either. During his time in office from California governor to President, he garnered experience and business savvy along the way, and stuck by his principles.

          My problem is with run-of-the-mill politicians who don’t even attempt to keep any of the promises they make. Once they’re elected, all they do is keep campaigning for the next election.

          As I said in the post: We elected them to stop Obama and the DemProg destruction of America in their tracks. Nothing has changed. Ted Cruz has fought tooth and nail for every promise he made and every issue he supports. THAT’s the mark of a leader. If all goes well, he will get the nod. I wouldn’t mind Scott Walker, either.

          Look, Scott: I’ve got no time to argue semantics with an illiterate who probably just heard the word “vitriol” for the first time in his life and decided to try it out. See? Now that’s vitriol.

          I reiterate: Trump is a good guy, and very astute business CEO, but he’s lacking in the fine-tuning specifics needed to run the country. The position of Secretary of State or DHS chief would be ideal for him to build the kind of experience he needs.
          Don’t feel bad when he doesn’t get the nomination.


          SFC MAC

  2. Jack Spratt

    I agree with your assessment of Trump and with Esther Goldberg’s analysis.

    But if you want someone who has the issues right, who understands the fundamental differences between the Right and the Left and wants to take the fight to the Left, who is not in the political class, who is whip smart, street smart and tough, who understands the economy and how jobs are created, then take a look at all the posted clips on Fiorina and tell me after watching them that she wouldn’t make one helluva President.

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