Dear GOP: You Are Failing Your Voters and America

I have a copy of the Constitution, which I often read.  It makes me sick to my stomach to know how much the principles in that document have been discarded for the self-interest of politicians who don’t work for the People, but rather a ‘what’s in it for me’ agenda. If the founders of this country could see the corruption and callous disregard for the basic precepts of limited government outlined in the Constitution, they would say, “We need another revolution”.

You have failed us; not just with the refusal to hold the Obama regime accountable for the laws they broke and the blatant shredding of the Constitution, but with your despicable obstruction against Trump’s draining of the swamp.  He’s taking a direct, aggressive route to reverse the damage Obama did to this country and drain the swamp, but instead of helping in that effort, you’re helping the Dem malfeasants to plug the drain.

The Arizona village idiot John McCain, and other RINOs like Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell,  need to be kicked to the curb and muzzled. The establishment GOP is a detriment to the country and they’re deliberately stonewalling any attempt to get us out of the abyss created by the Obama regime and back on track.

You’re dragging your feet on the repeal of ObamaCare Frankenstein. It needs to be shitcanned ASAP.  If the Republicans have any shred of common sense, they’ll take an approach that starts with the premise of free-market choice and patient preference.  Government should not be involved in healthcare. It’s none of your goddamned business how much we choose to pay, what kind of insurance we want, which doctor we want, or what kind of treatment.  When government gets into your personal choices, bad things happen.  And if ObamaCare is so damned great why do you exempt yourselves and subsidize your own healthcare with taxpayer funds?

Your complicity in the looney Russian ‘election-tampering’ conspiracy theories are pathetic and something we usually expect from the malignant Dems.  Stop the insanity.  I guarantee you that when I voted for Donald J. Trump, the Russians had nothing to do with it.  We’re fed up with the status quo and the business as usual The real collusion involves members of the Dem party, including Hillary, but no one seems fazed by the treachery.

Instead of allowing the Mueller circus to flourish in order to keep beating a dead Russian dog, you ought to encourage Trump to fire his ass and tell the U.S. Attorney General to impanel a grand jury to hear evidence about Hillary’s crimes, Loretta Lynch’s obstruction of justice , and James Comey’s complicity.

Constituents should pay close attention to your tactics, behavior, voting habits, and language toward anyone who holds you accountable for your actions.  And vote you the hell out.



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