Dear Leader Obama Prefers a ‘Light Touch’

As he’s digging into the private sector, Wall Street, the auto industry, and your wallet.

This sociopath is convinced, thanks in part to the MSM, that he is entitled to all the power he’s grabbed.

As he prepares to release the most extensive proposals to change financial regulations since the 1930s, …Barack Obama is a bit anxious.

Anxious, that is, for people — and specifically for his conservative critics — to know he isn’t the heavy-handed meddler some suspect.

“I think the irony … is that I actually would like to see a relatively light touch when it comes to the government,” he said Tuesday in a White House interview.

Not “meddling”? “Light touch”? That’s what this bald-faced liar calls his ham-fisted approach while he’s destroying our economy.

……”You set up some rules of the road, ensure transparency and openness, guard against huge systemic risk that will lead…government potentially having to step in to avoid a depression, and then let entrepreneurs and individual businesses compete and do what they do.

They can’t compete, you feckless jackass. The “rules” you’ve set up have forced some of the largest corporations in America to become government-owned assets. It’s already being felt by smaller businesses in a kind of domino effect.

And of course, he does the requisite ‘It’s Bush’s fault I have to force socialism down your throats’.

“And so it’s puzzling to me sometimes to hear the standard conservative critique of what we’re doing, when essentially every step we’re taking involves cleaning up the mess that we found when we arrived here at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

“Cleaning up the mess” by purchasing Chrysler and GM with our money and making the UAW and the government co-owners. By flushing capitalist free-enterprise down the toilet, and coercing the banks into taking TARP money.

It’s all Bush’s fault that you used ACORN as a vote manufacturing apparatus, and appointed a tax cheat to the Treasury. It’s Bush’s fault that you are federalizing the American health care system into a $1.6 trillion Canadian clone, and inflicting a projected economic deficit of over $9 trillion.

The standard liberal  ‘critique’ consists of covering your ass as you make a horrid mess of the country.

But you’re wrapped around the axle over Sean Hannity skewering your fuck ups.

……He intervened on behalf of GM and Chrysler, he says, because his only options were to continue to send them taxpayer money without strings attached, or see them liquidate. “The only real regulatory approach I’ve been interested in is raising fuel-efficiency standards so we can wean ourselves off dependency on foreign oil,” he says. “Beyond that, the last thing I want is to be running a car company…”

He fired the president of GM, and put someone in charge who knows nothing about cars. Who the hell is running the company?

You know it’s bad when former Soviet/communist countries are warning against the acceptace of a socialist state, and Hugo Chavez marvels at the fact he and Fidel Castro are ‘to the right of Obama’.

Welcome to the USSA.

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