Dem Activist Sets Fire to Arizona Dem Party Headquarters

I love it when the Dems are targeted by one of their own.  Especially when the perp is as batshit crazy as they are.

AZ Central

Phoenix police have arrested Matthew Egler, a Democratic activist who party officials say has had a long and troubled history with the Maricopa County Party over the years, for the fire that destroyed Arizona Democratic Party’s headquarters last week.

The fire ruined historical political memorabilia and party infrastructure ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

After a nearly weeklong investigation, Phoenix police on Wednesday identified Egler, 29, of Peoria, in connection with the fire set to the party’s headquarters. The fire occurred after midnight on Friday, last week.

In announcing the arrest, police released footage of a dark car parked near the north side of the building, and a person lighting the fire outside of the building. As the fire grows, the person walks back to the car. 

Egler was scheduled to appear Wednesday before a Maricopa County commissioner for his initial appearance.

……In a document released by the Maricopa County Superior Court, police cited in a probable cause statement Egler’s posts on social media admitting his involvement with the fire and his anger with the Maricopa County Democrats.

He had been previously volunteering for the county Democrats, according to the probable cause statement, but had been banned from volunteering “due to the nature of his previous behaviors.”

Egler reached out to the county Democrats about getting involved in his district, but was not allowed to volunteer. 

“The defendant became upset with the Maricopa County Democrats for not allowing him to volunteer and in retaliation, deliberately set fire to the Maricopa County Democrats Office,” the record said. 

Egler was arrested and booked on one count of arson of an occupied structure, a Class 2 felony, the second-highest felony.

Democratic leaders in a joint statement said they were “deeply saddened and shocked” by the news.  Arizona Democratic Party

……Asked for confirmation that the Secret Service was involved in the investigation into the Egler and the fire, a spokesperson responded to The Arizona Republic: “The Secret Service is aware of this incident.  As a matter of practice, the Secret Service does not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations.”

A review of a Twitter account he maintains shows Egler, in recent days, posting videos of starting fires, complaining about local party leadership, and ultimately claiming that he “bombed” the office.

……Egler served from 2016 to 2019 as a precinct committeeman of Legislative District 22, which spans the northwest Valley, according to his own bio and party officials. He describes himself on LinkedIn as president of The Valley Leadership Council, described as non-profit intended to fight voter apathy. The council, according to public records, was formed in 2015 in Peoria as an educational non-profit and is not related to the well-known Valley Leadership civic organization.

On his Twitter handle, @ValleyLeader, he says he is a “Quasi dictator, first family, the King of chicago, and many other titles!”  



He bragged about it:



He has this thing for Ivanka Trump.




“No one will agree to throw me in a mental institution”. LMAO!



He’s a seriously deranged train wreck.  If they don’t put his ass in a mental facility, we’ll be reading about more of his adventures. Too bad he didn’t set fire to Biden’s basement. 





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