Democrats Strong-Arm Health Care Insurer for Speaking Out Against ObamaCare

Hat Tip to Say Anything Blog:

A North Dakota state senator says recent Blue Cross Blue Shield opposition to some aspects of health care reform may prompt a response in the Legislature.

Bismarck Sen. Tracy Potter and Fargo Democratic Sens. Tom Fiebiger and Tim Mathern objected to a Blue Cross letter to policyholders about federal health care reform proposals. Fiebiger and Mathern met with company officials Friday.

The letter opposed any so-called “public option” for health insurance that would be run by the federal government. It said the federal health care package will force private insurance rates to rise.

The senators asked Blue Cross about the cost of the mailing.

Blues spokeswoman Denise Kolpack says it cost almost $22,400 for almost 216,000 letters. She says the cost was kept down because for most customers, the material was included in a regular required mailing.

Potter says the senators will consider drafting new disclosure rules for the Fargo health insurer.

The private health care industry along with their clients, are justifiably concerned over the government threat to health care choice in this country. They sent out letters to their policy holders outlining those concerns and once again, the Democrats took it upon themselves to intimidate a business for not kowtowing to Obama’s party line.

It’s ludicrous for Potter, Fiebiger and Mathern to squawk over $22,400, when they’re part and parcel to the multi-trillion dollar ObamaCare train wreck. 

No one except the involved parties know what transpired in the meeting, but I hope the Blue Cross officials told Potter, Fiebiger and Mathern to go fuck themselves.

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