Deserter Bergdahl Back on Active Duty, Gets Pampered by Chain of Command

Why is this shitbird not in the stockade awaiting Courts Martial? Instead, he’s just finished getting “therapy and counseling”  before returning to active duty.

How sickening.

Oh, and guess what surfaced on Twitter:

A smiling Berdgdahl with his Taliban buddy:


The Soldiers who honorably served in Bergdahl’s unit are pissed that no one has contacted them for information about his cowardice and dereliction.  Apparently, the investigation  won’t begin until Bergdahl’s “reintegration process” is complete, and the results will be sent to the director of the Army staff, who could then approve or alter them before forwarding to Bergdahl’s commander.

The Army knows damned well what happened.  He decided to desert his post and his unit. He left his gear in a nice neat little pile along with a note that explained he was running away.  He willfully collaborated  with the enemy and declared allegiance to Islamic jihad.

Meanwhile, the Soldiers who sacrificed their lives on a mission to find the worthless ratfuck, aren’t getting any recognition.

Speaking of ratfucks,  you can bet that the five Taliban cutthroats  Obama released in exchange for Bergdahl have already returned to the battlefield.



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2 thoughts on “Deserter Bergdahl Back on Active Duty, Gets Pampered by Chain of Command”

  1. why the FUCK isn’t that penis puffin’ stinkin’ moooooslamb traitorous deserter in the fuckin’ stockade???…
    is he the fuckin’ halfricans posterboy for recruitin’ stinkin’ moooooslambs???…
    fuck obama…fuck all army staff officers…fuck all army flag officers…fuck the sexatary of the army…
    the soldiers of the U.S. ARMY deserve better…
    USN ret sends…

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