Despicable Biden Regime Actually Considers Giving Aid to the Taliban

This is treason. Biden wants to turn America into a state sponsor of terrorism.

Remember, the Dems and Never-Trump RINOs voted for this shitbag.

Daily Wire

The United States is now reportedly considering giving direct financial aid and economic assistance to the Taliban, despite international sanctions placed on the group over its material support for radical Islamic terrorism, and despite nearly two decades of considering the Taliban a sworn enemy.

Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that the U.S. is considering aid.

“There is an important dimension of humanitarian assistance that should go directly to the people of Afghanistan,” Sullivan began. “They need help with respect to health, and food aid, and other forms of subsistence, and we do intend to continue that.”

“Secondly, when it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions,” he continued. “That will be about whether they follow through on their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other country, their commitments with respect to upholding their international obligations.”

“Its going to be up to them,” Sullivan said. “And we will wait and see, by their actions, how we end up responding.”

……WLS Chicago previously reported that the Taliban “siphoned off” nearly 50% of all aid poured into Afghanistan since the beginning of the war; that aid effectively enabled the Taliban to begin its military offensive — an offensive that led to the U.S.’s premature and arguably disastrous withdrawal.

“Congress has said that most of the aid the US has sent in the past several years, didn’t end up with the people who need it already, but they figured that about 50% of American aid to Afghanistan in the past several years, has been siphoned off to warlords or to corruption or to fraud,” a Northwestern University political science professor told the outlet. “And so with the change in government in Afghanistan I think the odds of using American money to influence events and improve people’s lives are pretty slim.”


This shit is so typical of the Dems.  It started during the Obama regime when Barky forced a dicked up ROE, pussified, politically correct regulations, and portraying the enemy as less of an enemy.  His attitude was, “victory isn’t necessarily the goal.”

Afghanistan will reestablish itself as a terrorist operating base and training facility. Biden wants to fund it.


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1 thought on “Despicable Biden Regime Actually Considers Giving Aid to the Taliban”

  1. William Nostrand

    Sucks. Not the America that the schools used to teach. They abandoned civics so that the People would be less involved and thats exactly where we are at. Hoping for some military intervention but Obama made sure to infiltrate there too. Not sure how Trump overlooked that aspect, he would have needed ranked military to invoke the Insurrection Act, he didnt. Now that option is there for the Deep State to use because they for SURE wont give up White House after showing all their cards.

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