Didja Hear About the Gay Guy Who Walked Into a Muzzie-Owned Bakery and was Refused Service?

Don’t feel bad. It wasn’t publicized because the business isn’t owned by a Christian.
Background: Steven Crowder is an activist/comedian/actor who decided to try an experiment in “diversity”. He walked into a muzzie-owned bakery in Dearbornistan, Michigan, and ordered a cake for a gay wedding. Not surprisingly, he was turned down.

All he did was simply pull the same stunt being practiced by the militant LGBT mob, whereby they deliberately target Christian-owned businesses that they know will turn down such requests. The businesses in question do not refuse service; they can purchase any item they want. The proprietors simply exercise their right not to cater gay weddings. But that’s not the point, is it? The point is that the rainbow of sexually multifarious fruitcakes are engaging in an all-out assault on Christians. I’m agnostic, and even I can see the blatant war on Christianity.

This latest episode of gay jackassery was brought on by the signing of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  As a matter of fact, the first RFRA was a 1993 federal law that was signed by Bubba Clinton.  It sailed through the House and was co-sponsored by leftwing (then Congressman) Chuckie Schumer.  It passed the Senate with an overwhelming 97-3 vote. Doncha hate it when your own attempt to bolster leftwing causes ends up biting you in the ass?

A leftwingnut reporter from an obscure ABC affiliate in Indiana, honed in on a business in Walkerton she knew wouldn’t cater gay weddings. The town has a population of 2000, so you know the broad went to great lengths to seek out and find one little mom and pop pizzeria in one little town that she could set up for her embellished story.  After the story hit the airwaves, the Left ran up and down the field yelling ‘bigot’! into their megaphone, and issuing death threats to the pizza shop owners:

Dooley is the coach of the Concord Indiana High School girl’s golf team. She was suspended. Stay classy, asshole.

Well, the tactic pulled by the media scrunt backfired.

GoFundMe.com/MemoriesPizza and started donating thousands of dollars in support of Memories Pizza. At last count, the funds were up to $842,442.  Which really made the leftie poufs shit a pink twinkie. They hate having their agenda undermined.

If the leftie gays and their supporters want to show some real guts, travel to Islamofascist countries to get a real taste of religious intolerance. Hell, the little sissies won’t even protest outside of terrorist training centers mosques here in the United States.  They already know the muzzie stance on gays and they’re too chickenshit to do it.

The trouble is, Christians, as a demographic, have yet to fight back. Perhaps when their backs get shoved far enough into the corner, they’ll mount a counter offensive.



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2 thoughts on “Didja Hear About the Gay Guy Who Walked Into a Muzzie-Owned Bakery and was Refused Service?”

  1. Yes I did see it

    I myself have been a victim of the gay establishments not willing to serve a straight person

    This happened last winter

    It’s a true story

    I needed to get a hotel room for a while my house was going under some work and things were going to be shut down temporarily

    The nearest place was a gay establishment hotel bar restaurant

    I called to get a room and was told they were closed because it was winter I believed them

    A week later I found out that they were indeed open but only rent rooms to gay men

    This has been going on forever where gay establishments refuse entry and/or service to heterosexual people

    I hope to see more undercover videos in the near future so the light may shine the truth of the bigots ❤

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