Disenchanted Leftwingnuts Bash Obama

The love affair has soured between the Anointed One and his Hollywood/MSM fans.

Some of the biggest moonbats in the leftwing media conglomerate have all of a sudden leveled bitter criticism at the heretofore Messiah.  Rolling Stone, Maureen Dowd, the LA Times, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Joan Walsh, Rachel Maddow, Howard Fineman, the New York Times, and Jon Stewart tag-teamed Obama after his lackadaisical handling of the oil spill.

Via Meredith Dake at Big Journalism.

Some of the greatest commentary (in case you can’t stomach all three of them at once on video):

  • Matthews, in an uncharacteristic show of critical thought, said that Obama failed to explain how the President of the United States has the power to force BP to do the things that Obama said he was going to make them do.
  • Fineman said “He should have been Commander-in-Chief tonight… Tell everybody [what’s going on]. They’ve been watching television for the last 59 days, they want to know how we are doing.”
  • Olbermann responded with “I don’t think he [the president] aimed low [with his speech]. I don’t think he aimed at all.”
  • And the final nail in the coffin of what was the formerly known as the “thrill up my leg” syndrome, Matthews said, “I don’t sense executive command.”

The best part? (Robert) Gibbs being forced to respond that Olbermann and Maddow and the rest of the left in the mainstream media aren’t living in the same place as “real Americans.”

Up until now, the leftwing MSM fit Gibbs’ version of “real Americans”. “Real Americans” in Gibbs’ lexicon, are the bots who blindly support the socialist hubris of the Obama regime. Hint: It ain’t Tea Party patriots.

Jon Stewart jumped on the bandwagon.

As did Tim Dickinson, in a crying jag at Rolling Stone.

These neo-apostates sucked Obama’s dick throughout the entire campaign and lashed out at anyone who dared to point out his corrupt, nihilist  flaws.   Not only did we raise hell about his socialist philosophy, we discussed his intellectual and leadership deficiencies, at length.  Their hurtful surprise at his failings is both amusing and tragic; in a useful tool kinda way.

The infatuation with their Messiah will continue to rise and fall throughout the remainder of his one term presidency.

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