Disgraced Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Concealed CIA Memo That Hillary Was Trying to Frame Trump

This simply confirms what we already knew.

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The release of the long-awaited report by Special Counsel John Durham rocked the political world as it exposed that the Russia collusion narrative used to undermine former President Donald J. Trump was always a massive hoax.

Among the damning nuggets of malfeasance within the 300-plus page report is a revelation that the disgraced Trump-hating former FBI agent Peter Strzok buried a memo from the CIA that 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have been hyping the concocted ties to Russia to “frame” Trump who would later go on to spring the political upset of the century against the heavily favored former first lady.

Reporter Luke Rosiak combed through the Durham report on the FBI’s anti-Trump Operation Crossfire Hurricane and highlighted a key passage that should have given pause to a less ideological agent than Strzok, who once remarked that he could “smell” Trump supporters at Walmart.

“In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee,” the report stated.

But the September 2016 CIA “referral memo” that was addressed to then-Deputy Assistant Director Strzok and his boss, fired former FBI director James Comey never saw the light of day, a withholding of a key piece of information that could have altered history and averted the current downward spiral of the nation into the abyss of authoritarian despotism driven by a corrupt kakistocracy and an unrestrained deep state.

“The CIA sent a memo to Peter Strzok saying it had intel that Clinton was trying to frame Trump for Russia ties. Strzok concealed it from the team tasked with investigating Russia. When one agent found out, he felt so ‘betrayed’ that he stormed out,” Rosiak wrote in a Twitter thread, drawing attention to his reporting on the dirty former special agent’s actions.

“FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Dina Corsi told the team not to put anything in writing about the fake dossier, in what an FBI lawyer in the room said was ‘the most inappropriate operational or professional statement he had ever heard at the FBI,’” he added.

“FBI agents said top brass pressured them intensely to continue investigating ‘dry holes,’ and they were asking, ‘What are we even doing here?’ because it was so obviously fake. The Steele dossier went missing within FBI for 75 days before being foisted on them with no time to vet,” Rosiak wrote.

“While chasing down every conceivable flimsy rabbit hole sourced from literally fabricated anonymous sources saying preposterous things, the FBI studiously avoided simply getting to the bottom of it by refusing to interview those most involved: Dolan, Papadapolous, Carter Page,” he concluded.

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Strzok was exchanging politically charged texts with an FBI lawyer that denigrated Trump and lauded Clinton at the same time he was leading the bureau’s criminal investigation of Clinton.  He is also the one who changed the critical wording of then-FBI Director James Comey’s description of Clinton’s handling of classified material that resulted in no charges being brought against her.

Then, Strzok reportedly signed the document launching the 2016 investigation into Russia’s meddling in the election and whether the Trump campaign played any role.  After leading the FBI’s probe into Trump, he then joined Robert Mueller’s special counsel team as an integral investigator.

Thus, it appears that one man with a strident political agenda accomplished his twin goals of clearing Clinton and accusing Trump, evidence be damned.

And then he was caught.

The Department of Justice inspector general, Michael Horowitz, discovered the electronic texts Strzok exchanged with his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page.  The messages were so politically incendiary and so threatened the integrity of Mueller’s investigation that Strzok was quietly canned over the summer from the special counsel team, where he was a pivotal participant.

Did Mueller or anyone else notify Congress that both the Trump investigation –and the Clinton case before it– were corrupted?  Of course not.  This was covered up.  Mueller surely knew that if the truth were revealed, it would further discredit a Trump-Russia probe that had already taken on the stench of dead fish.

The House Intelligence Committee could smell it and knew something was amiss.  It demanded answers.  But the Justice Department and the FBI refused to respond or otherwise produce relevant documents that the committee subpoenaed.  They are still stonewalling many of Congress’s valid requests and should now face contempt charges.

Importantly, all of the anti-Trump and pro-Clinton messages should be made public.  Americans should decide for themselves whether our system of justice has been compromised by unscrupulous influences.

Just how rife with political prejudice and corrupt motives is the special counsel’s investigation?

Instead of choosing prosecutors who could be neutral, fair and objective, Mueller stacked his staff with Democratic donors.  Apparently, he conducted little or no vetting of both prosecutors and investigators.  How else does one explain the presence of Strzok and Lisa Page on the investigative team?

It appears that Mueller selected people of a particular political persuasion without discerning review or scrutiny.  We were supposed to simply trust Mueller’s judgment, notwithstanding his own disqualifying conflict of interest under the special counsel statute that demanded his recusal.

The Trump-Russia investigation is now awash in illegitimacy.  Mueller and those who work for him have squandered all credibility.

…….It never made sense that Hillary Clinton escaped criminal prosecution for mishandling classified documents.

The Espionage Act makes it a crime to mishandle classified documents “through gross negligence” (18 USC 793-f).  With 110 emails on Clinton’s private server that were classified at the time they were sent or received, only illogical legal gymnastics driven by corruption could clear her.

Enter Strzok.  It turns out, he is the person who altered former Director Comey’s early draft describing Clinton’s actions as criminal under the law.  But later, the words “grossly negligent” were crossed out and the language “extremely careless” was substituted.  Although the two terms are synonymous, the former terminology is specifically stated in the statute while the latter is not.

It appears that Strzok, and perhaps Comey, knew Clinton violated the law but subsequently resolved to conjure a way to exonerate her by editing the language so that it seemed less culpable and more innocuous.  Were these machinations driven by Strzok’s political agenda?  Did he despise Trump so much that he devised a scheme to clear Clinton so that a criminal indictment would not impede her assent to the presidency?

Strzok, Comey and others who may have been involved must be put under oath to answer these vital questions.

In the meantime, the Department of Justice must now, belatedly, reopen the Clinton email case and re-examine fairly and impartially all of the evidence to determine whether criminal charges against her should be sought.  The statute of limitations has not expired.

Sadly, the FBI is no longer the respected premier law enforcement agency in America.  People like Strzok have politicized the bureau, discredited its work and done immeasurable damage.

Rank and file FBI agents were infuriated over the cover up and Comey’s refusal to prosecute Hillary for her crimes.

Stzrok helped launch an investigation under false pretenses, spied on the Trump campaign, and lied to the  FISA court. His belligerent psychotic behavior before Congress was a real shitshow.

The full extent of Stzrok’s corruption was outlined in the 2016 IG report.

His notes regarding the setup of General Michael Flynn:


Biden, as always. lied about that too:


BTW: He’s not too pleased with the damning results of the Durham Report.

All this shit can be traced back to Hillary’s campaign. They went to insane lengths in an attempt to subvert the election. The coup plot itself  went all the way to the Obama regime’s Oval Office.

A clique of political insiders—including members of the DOJ , FBI , and the CIA—conspired in acts of sedition.

Where’s the indictments? All of the perps in this conspiracy should be in orange jumpsuits.


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