DOJ: ACORN Can Still Get Federal (Taxpayer) Money

They’re going to receive retroactive funds, in spite of the fact that they’ve been committing crimes all along. How convenient.

On Friday, the Department of Justice released a ruling it issued Monday, outlining its arguments that federal agencies can continue providing taxpayer funds to ACORN.

The Justice Department interpretation lays the groundwork for federal agencies to resume paying ACORN, despite a Congressional-ban on public funds going to the troubled organization. The ruling argues that nothing in the funding prohibition prevents federal agencies from giving ACORN taxpayer funds for existing contracts between the organization and the federal government.

It should be noted that the ACORN funding ban is included within the current Continuing Resolution, a legislative vehicle to fund government operations until a full budget is enacted. Without the CR, no federal funds could be expended by any agency. Under the current CR, ACORN is prohibited from receiving federal funds. Justice is arguing that some existing contracts entered into the executive branch officials–which haven’t been disclosed to the public–supercede the Congressional legislation. But only Congress can dictate how funds are spent.

The ruling seems to be an interpretation in search of a loophole. Worse, it seems the Justice Department is trying to find a way to allow ACORN to continue receiving government funds, rather than a dispassionate analysis of the funding ban passed by Congress.

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Nice way to circumvent the law, Holder. Come to think of it, this regime just makes up the law as they go along. This is just another way for Obama to pay off some of his partners in crime. The Department of Justice has brushed aside every bit of evidence showing ACORN’s fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars.  Voter-registration fraud, video-taped corruption, and the discovery of documents thrown in a dumpster, are still not enough to embarrass Eric Holder and B. Hussein Obama into disowning and prosecuting the organization for its lengthy record of felonies.

Contracts are interpreted the way Obama sees fit. Just ask all the ‘secure creditors of GM’.

The Dem-controlled Congress is just as corrupt as he his, so there’s no way this sorry excuse for a “commander-in-chief” will get impeached.  If all goes well, we’ll have a legislative regime change in 2010. Having said that, 2012 cannot come soon enough.

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