DOJ Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real This Whole Time

Daily Wire

New filings in the ongoing case against President Joe Biden’s embattled son confirm that the laptop tied to Hunter Biden was, in fact, his — and that the Justice Department knew it.

New York Post reporter Miranda Devine — who has been working on the Hunter Biden story since the very beginning — laid out some of the new details in a thread posted to X. She noted that in addition to the Bidens and the Justice Department being fully aware that the laptop was Hunter’s, they had even been able to match the contents discovered on the laptop to content stored on the cloud under his account.

“In a new court filing today, the DOJ confirms Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, that he left it at a computer store, and that the contents matched what they obtained from a search warrant of his iCloud. Don’t hold your breath for a retraction from Joe Biden (‘It’s a Russian plant’), the #Dirty51 or myriad dishonest media operatives. They blamed Russia when the Bidens knew it was Hunter – and so did the FBI. Hunter also blamed Russia when he was caught using adultery site Ashley Madison,” Devine posted to start off her thread.



This particular case involves Hunter’s illegal gun purchase and lying on a federal gun application.

There’s also a ton of evidence regarding the Biden family bribery, influence peddling and money laundering with China and Ukraine. When will the DOJ prosecute that????


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