DOJ Thug Eric Holder Resigns, Contempt Case Will Still Proceed

Obama loses his main hatchet man. One of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in American history has finally resigned.

From Fox News.

Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning from the Obama administration, capping a tumultuous six-year term marked by several high-profile clashes with Congress.

……Holder is one of the few Cabinet officials to have stayed on since the beginning of the Obama presidency, and Obama said Holder has agreed to stay on until a successor is named.

Holder, choking up several times during brief remarks at the White House, said: “I will leave the Department of Justice, but … I will never leave the work.”

The attorney general, who previously worked in private practice and before that was a federal prosecutor, was one of the most controversial members of the administration. Republicans made clear Thursday they would not miss him in the Obama Cabinet.

“Eric Holder is the most divisive U.S. attorney general in modern history,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said in a statement. “By needlessly injecting politics into law enforcement, Attorney General Holder’s legacy has eroded more confidence in our legal system than any attorney general before him.” 

Holder was held in contempt of Congress by the Republican-led House in 2012 — a vote in which Issa played a central role — for failing to provide key information about the botched Operation Fast and Furious program. He is the only sitting Cabinet member to have been held in contempt of Congress.

That “botched” program was illegal in the first place. They had no business running guns to Mexican criminals, regardless of who they wanted to trap in the operation.  Fast and Furious has cost hundreds of lives, including Border Agents.

So far, the only one in prison is a measly Mexican lowlife, while  the main guilty parties (Obama and Holder) who started the gunrunning operation are still free of any charges. If Congress really wanted to hold these fucksticks in accountable, they would back it up with a hefty fine and jail time.

Holder and GOP lawmakers routinely clashed, over Fast and Furious but also over his department’s handling of the IRS targeting scandal, its civilian prosecution of terror cases, surveillance of media outlets and other issues. His hearing appearances were at-times combative; some lawmakers even sought to impeach him.

During the contempt fight, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, was quoted saying Holder’s “arrogance knows no bounds.”

In that debate, Holder was blasted by Republicans for not turning over documents related to the gun-running probe along the Southwest border. Democrats decried the contempt push, in an election year, as political.

……Under Holder’s watch, the Justice Department also cracked down on news media reporting on national security matters. The department secretly subpoenaed phone records from Associated Press reporters and editors and used a search warrant to obtain some emails of Fox News’ James Rosen as part of a separate leak investigation.

The DOJ collaborated with the coverup of the IRS targeting. The IRS broke the law and violated the 1st and 4th Amendments to the Constitution. They and the DOJ co-conspirators continue to lie, spin, cover up, and refuse to cooperate with Congressional investigators.

Speaking of media crack-down, Rosen was targeted by the Obama regime because he works for Fox news, and he’s one of the investigative reporters who doesn’t hold back criticism.  Holder signed off on the warrant for James Rosen’s emails, then proceeded to lie about it—under oath— during his Congressional testimony.  The very same month the DOJ started its probe of James Rosen, Obama’s war on Fox News began.

What a co-ink-i-dink.

Sharyl Attkisson, a former reporter for CBS, was harassed by the DOJ and had her computers hacked into because she  dared to ask serious questions about Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

……The attorney general was often outspoken in his public remarks. He even referred to America in 2010 as a “nation of cowards” in discussing matters of race. He later lamented that “systemic and unwarranted racial disparities remain disturbingly common.”

He was known to weigh in on matters of racial fairness, taking steps to improve police relations with minorities, enforce civil rights laws and remove racial disparities in sentencing. Most recently he became the Obama administration’s face in the federal response to the police shooting last month of an unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Mo. In the shooting’s aftermath, he enlisted a team of criminal justice researchers to study racial bias in law enforcement.

Holder injects race into everything.  He egregiously funded and organized anti-George Zimmerman protests, refused to prosecute Black Panther thugs, and his Deputy Assistant Attorney General implemented a policy of  ‘never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority’.

Holder is a corrupt little asswipe with a hard-on for ‘whitey’. His propensity for radical bullshit goes back a while. In 1972, he was part of an armed takeover at Columbia University of a former ROTC headquarters.  Old habits die hard.

A former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, Holder was pulled away from private practice to reshape a Justice Department that had been tarnished by a scandal involving fired U.S. attorneys and that had authorized harsh interrogation methods for terrorism suspects.

He was appointed by Obama to enact a kinder, gentler approach to muslim  cutthroats.  They treat enemy combatants as ordinary criminals; a policy that is not lost on the terrorists we capture. When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from a U.S. detention camp in 2009, the future leader of ISIS told the American Soldiers, “I’ll see you in New York”He also said  (to the U.S.), “Soon, we will be in direct confrontation. So watch for us, for we are with you, watching.” He’s keeping that promise.  And to top it off, the Dhimmi in the White House  traded five of the worst Taliban shitbags on the planet for a ratfuck deserter. Gawd forbid we should act as if we’re at war and serious about doing what it takes to extract information and kill them.

Congress will pursue the contempt charges against Holder:

The contempt of Congress case against Attorney General Eric Holder — the first sitting Cabinet member ever to face such a congressional rebuke — will continue even after his resignation takes effect, but it’s unlikely he will ever face personal punishment, legal analysts said Thursday.

……Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said the timing is not accidental: A federal judge earlier this week ruled that the Justice Department will have to begin submitting documents next month related to…the Fast and Furious gun operation in a case brought by Judicial Watch.

“I don’t think it’s any coincidence he’s resigning as the courts are ruling the Fast and Furious information has to be released,” Mr. Fitton told The Washington Times.

After Holder was held in contempt two years ago, his reaction was frivolous to say the least. Apparently, the contempt charge wasn’t a big deal.

The House oversight committee had sought the documents, saying they would shed light on who knew about the botched operation, which saw federal agents knowingly let guns be sold to traffickers. Hundreds of those guns turned up at crime scenes in Mexico, and two were found at the site where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in Arizona.

The Obama administration said it would not prosecute Holder because of a long-standing policy that it not pursue contempt cases against individuals when the White House has made a claim of executive privilege.

……“The dirty secret was that Obama swooped in and in an unprecedented way asserted executive privilege over these documents which the Justice Department used as an excuse not to prosecute him,” Fitton said.

Obama would not prosecute Holder because Holder did exactly what Obama expected of him. They all knew about the operation. Obama, Holder, and the ATF.   As a matter of fact, Holder not only signed off on the gunrunning, he bragged about it in 2009.
Holder and Obama teamed up to subvert the law and ignore the Constitution for the last five years and nine months.  For the bulk of Obama’s tenure, Holder used his office to enforce his racial bias and bigotry through prosecutorial malfeasance.

Bottom line: No one in the entire Obama regime, including the Corruptocrat-in-Chief is being held accountable for their crimes.   They get suspended with pay, removed from one position and shifted to another (“fired”),  they resign, and are paraded in front of investigative hearings where a lot of hot air passes for real prosecution.  Any ordinary citizen caught doing a fraction of  what the Obama regime has done, would be under the fucking prison.

All Obama’s cronies have to do is resign and their High Crimes and Misdemeanors  are dropped.  It’s no wonder that the American public is cynical.  I don’t care what evasive action Holder takes to avoid justice. He deserves to be prosecuted.

Hey GOP:   Fuck the dog and pony shows;  impeach and prosecute. Put up or shut up.


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