DOJ: We Investigated Our Corruption and Found Ourselves to be Innocent

Gateway Pundit

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has conducted an internal investigation and allegedly found no evidence of collusion between its officials, including Joe Biden‘s DOJ hatchet man, Matthew Colangelo, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

The Gateway Pundit reported in April 2023 that Colangelo was the linchpin in the “get Trump” movement in New York, hired by Bragg’s office in December 2022 to spearhead politically motivated investigations against former President Donald Trump.

Bragg’s top prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, was the Former Acting Associate Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice and is a lifelong left-wing activist.

Colangelo’s past is littered with partisan actions, from his role in indicting Americans for praying outside abortion clinics to his involvement in numerous witch-hunt investigations into President Trump.

According to the House Judiciary Committee, Colangelo has taken part in numerous witch hunt investigations into President Trump. Colangelo was hired to “jump start” Alvin Bragg’s unprecedented garbage indictment against Trump.

Attorney Mike Davis, along with Steve Bannon, exposed this apparent deep-state operation in the War Room, detailing how Colangelo, an Obama White House alum, was seemingly recruited to manufacture charges against President Trump.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) launched an investigation in April 2024 into potential coordination between the Biden DOJ and DA Bragg’s politicized prosecution of President Trump. Jordan called out Colangelo for his role in this apparent abuse of prosecutorial authority.

Under Jordan’s leadership, the House Judiciary Committee has requested numerous documents and communications associated with Colangelo’s position in the DOJ and his involvement with DA Bragg’s office.

…….Despite this mounting evidence, the DOJ has decided to turn a blind eye. They’ve conducted what they call a “comprehensive search” for email communications between their leadership, including Colangelo, and the District Attorney’s office regarding any investigation or prosecution of President Trump. Of course, they found none.

Biden’s gestapo DOJ claimed that it did not supervise the work of the District Attorney’s office or approve its charging decisions. It also highlighted that it did not control the District Attorney just as much as the District Attorney did not control the Department.

Colangelo was sent by Biden’s DOJ and was PAID BY THE DNC.

The entire sham trial was just the latest in the weaponized targeting of Donald Trump.




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