Don’t Separate Illegal Alien Families at the Border, Send Them All Back Home Together

Bubba Clinton signed a law in 1996 that separated children from adults illegally entering America. Liberals were silent. Matter of fact, when Bubba’s minion Janet Reno did this, liberals supported it:


Elian Gonzalez was a young Cuban refugee whose mother—a legitimate asylum seeker— had drowned trying to get her son to freedom in America.  He was with relatives in Miami who refused to return the child to his father, who wanted to take him back to Cuba.  The Miami Cuban expatriate community rallied to keep the boy in the United States.  A federal judge ordered they return the boy to his father.  Reno flew to Florida to intimidate the relatives.  The Miami family members ignored Reno’s deadline for them to comply with the judge’s order, so she authorized jackboots to enter their home and seize the 6-year-old.

Obama enforced this same immigration law (albeit very sparsely) throughout his entire regime. Liberals said nothing. Donald Trump  enforced the law. Liberals went ballistic.

Matter of fact,  Obama created a loophole through which anyone who tried to cross the border with a minor would almost certainly be “given immunity from prosecution.” As a result, illegal alien crossings increased from 14,000 to 75,000 — that’s a five-fold increase — in just the last four years.

When the left says “don’t separate kids at the border” they are really saying it’s 100% fine to break the law if they bring their kids.

These kids are literally being dumped, by their parents, across the border, and many of them are being dumped by ‘coyotes’  and people who pose as family members.  Send them back across and tell the south-of-the-border beaners that we are not going to allow illegals into the country regardless of age, nor will we allow them to use the “children” for exploitation of their agenda.


This isn’t ‘asylum’ as the Dems insist.  If illegals wanted asylum, they could have stopped in Mexico.  This is an invasion.  Real asylum seekers are not the primary motivation for the Left’s push for total amnesty.  It’s part of their effort to create more dependents on the Dem plantation and add these foreign nationals to their voting bloc.


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