Douglass Mackey Found Guilty for a Meme – the Biden Regime Has Destroyed Justice in America

He’s  being persecuted for a joke.

Post Millennial

Douglass Mackey, also known as Ricky Vaughn on Twitter, has been found guilty on charges of election interference by a federal court in the Eastern District of New York.
The charges stem from a meme Mackey posted on Twitter in 2016, jokingly encouraging supporters of Hillary Clinton to vote by text.

The Department of Justice alleged that this constituted election interference, despite being unable to provide evidence that anyone was deceived by the meme. Mackey argued that he was simply trying to create a viral meme, and that other Clinton supporters had posted similar memes encouraging Trump supporters to vote by text without consequence.
An expert witness for the defense withdrew from the trial after being contacted by a reporter from the SPLC.
Federal prosecutors claimed that Mackey worked with fellow meme makers to create the Twitter posts and make them as real as possible.
“This wasn’t about changing votes. This was about vaporizing votes, making them disappear,” said Assistant US Attorney Turner Buford.
“The number was real and set up to receive incoming messages,” he explained. “The release of these fake campaign ads was timed to flood the internet before Election Day.”
Mackey posted the memes on November 1, a week before the election, and Frisch said that the meme’s message was “ludicrous to anyone with a basic knowledge of how presidential elections work,” the New York Daily Mail reported.

It’s okay when the shitlibs do it:

Far-left activist and “comedian” Kristina Wong posted the same fake voting meme on Twitter in 2016 — but she targeted TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

Her tweet is still live on Twitter — via Jack Posobiec:


She never got prosecuted.

Anyone who really believes that you can text a vote for an election has a shit factory for a brain and shouldn’t be allowed to vote or breed.

Here are the real crimes that the FBI should investigate:

The Dems engaged in an attempted coup d’état in 2016, with the complicity of  Obama’s DOJ and FBI.

Obama’s fingerprints were all over that shit. Once Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, and Comey put this whole scheme together, Obama was briefed and went along with it.

Here’s what should be investigated:

A fake dossier paid for by one political party and its candidate was used by the government to spy on that candidate’s opponent.

The Obama regime’s FISA abuse in order to get permission to wiretap Trump.

Comey, who is an unscrupulous douchebag, was part and parcel of the conspiracy to undermine the election and overthrow a duly elected president through false allegations and sedition. He also leaked classified information when it suited his purpose and lied to the FISA court.

Former CIA director John Brennan, colluded with British and Estonian spies to undermine the election.

Hillary’s Uranium One deal with the Russians netted her $145 million to her corrupt Clinton Foundation.

The investigation was a conspiracy to oust a duly elected President on baseless grounds.

Obama weaponized government agencies against people who opposed his socialist autocracy.

None of the corrupt Dems involved in the seditious acts in 2016 will have SWAT teams drag them out of their houses and off to prison where they belong.

They will purge any and all opposition to the new world order. They want to control the lives, opinions, and freedoms of people they don’t like.  Real bastions of free speech such as Gab and Rumble, are already gaining thousands of new subscribers.  Facebook and Twitter will be entirely consumed by unhinged leftwingnuts spewing their ideas on how they’re going to load all the MAGA folks and conservatives on to train cars and send them off to ‘reeducation camps’.

It’s already happening.



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