Dr. Jerome Corsi Discusses His Book “Silent No More”

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From Fox News:

Conservative author Jerome Corsi declared he’s “vindicated” after the Special Counsel Robert Mueller ended the Russia investigation and recommends no new indictments.

Corsi has been in the crosshairs of the Mueller probe since last year when he was accused of lying under oath to Mueller’s investigators, but was never indicted.

Speaking on Friday following the news that Mueller submitted his report to the Justice Department, he said that he and his family are pleased that the investigation ended with him not getting charged in the end.

“We feel vindicated,” Corsi told CNN. “I did nothing wrong.”

Corsi, the former Washington bureau chief of the conspiracy theory outlet InfoWars, was offered a deal with investigators that would have required him to plead guilty to perjury.

But he refused the deal on the basis that he could not lie about something he knew to be false, even if it meant living out his life in prison.

“I went in there to cooperate with them. They treated me as a criminal,” Corsi told the outlet. “I consider this entire investigation to be fraudulent. I’m glad it’s over.”

Corsi sued the special counsel last year, accusing Mueller of leaking grand jury items and various constitutional violations, including illegal surveillance.



This happened quite a bit during Mueller’s Inquisition. His ‘Special Counsel” used bullying, intimidation, and threats to coerce innocent people into pleading guilty to concocted crimes.

He should be probed. Deep.



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