Ebony Mag Editor Brings the Racist Haterade at RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams

The new civility.

Jamilah Lemieux, editor of a black publication that nobody reads, started a rant on Twitter over black Republicans.

That’s when things got real interesting:

One problem; Raffi Williams is black, and he’s the son of Fox News contributor Juan Williams.

Uh oh……


It’s Raffi’s fault for not making his skin color an issue.

By the time Lemieux realizes she fucked up, she switches gears:

Yeah,  how dare we invade a conversation about pre-conceived stereotypes.

Wanna see a shitload of cockroaches, Lemieux? Get a load of the racist filth spewed by some of your fellow black liberals once they found out Raffi Williams was black.

When other black conservatives got on board and called her out,  she really got racist:


Well, start tapdancing, Ms. Bojangles:



Lemieux spent the rest of the conversation telling her critics to “go away” and accusing them of being illiterate and ’embarrassing’.  Nothing like a fool trying to tell other people they’re “embarrassing”.

Jackasses like Lemieux are the reason why blacks are still on the Dem plantation.

RNC chief Reince Priebus fired off a letter to Ebony, pointing out that Lemieux’s bigoted rant was counterproductive to Ebony’s goals, and requested an apology. Ebony agreed and the haters really went bat-shit crazy, especially Elon James from the leftwing rag Netroots Nation.

Nothing brings out bigotry from black racists like Republicans and conservatives who confront their hypocrisy.

No one does racism like the left, and I’ve seen plenty of racism on the part of minorities. The fact that these imbeciles fling racial epithets at people of their own color because they think for themselves and refuse to buy into the victimology crap, is contemptible.



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