Emails Released by FBI Show Obama’s Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan Bragging, “We’re Liars” and “Lying Masterminds”

All they did was admit what we already know.

Gateway Pundit

Another slew of documents were released last Friday by the FBI related to corrupt activities in the Obama Administration.  Emails between former Obama Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, and Obama’s former Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, show the two bragging about how corrupt and dishonest they were.

In a series of emails between Obama Administration officials, Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan, the two compliment each other for being dishonest and corrupt.

Sullivan sends in an email to the NSC Press Secretary the following:

“We’re only lying footsoldiers.  You’re lying masterminds.  That’s cooler.”

This was in response to Ben Rhodes email where he wrote:

“At least you’re only a liar.  Could be worse – we’re liars and also allegedly leakers.  So you’ve got that going for you, which is something.”

These emails were sent before the 2012 election and after the event in Benghazi where four Americans were killed by terrorists and were depicted by the Obama Administration as being killed in response to a YouTube video. These two were admitting their corrupt and dishonest lies while in the Obama Administration.


When Rhodes was asked about Obama’s role in Obamagate, he squirmed.

“Literally, I learned about the investigation into Trump as a private citizen in the freaking Washington Post,” Rhodes said..

When asked about the dossier, Rhodes insisted he had nothing to do with.

“I saw it—I heard about it at the very end in 2017. We weren’t, like, involved in commissioning the dossier. We learned about it when it was in the report that was appended to the report that went to Congress at the end of the administration,” he said.

Rhodes’ track record for fiction includes the Benghazi talking points characterizing the 9/11 terror attack as a response to a YouTube clip, lying about the U.S. vetting process of Syrian refugees, and the “echo chamber” he created to sell Obama’s failed Iran deal.

Rhodes helped push the infamous Benghazi “talking points”, and spied on US Jews while Obama was helping Iran with the nuke deal.



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