Emperor Barackus Gluteus Maximus Fiddles While the Country Burns

Our economy is in the sewer thanks to THE ONE’s tax and spend orgy. But he insists the “economy is fundamentally sound”; a 180 degree reversal from his recent rhetoric of ‘dire conditions’. (After all, Chinese investors have to be soothed.)

He signs bloated-to-the-gills stimulus/bailout/omnibus legislation against the will of the citizens, behind closed doors, reminding critics:              
“I won”. (http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2009/01/23/obama-to-gop-i-won/)

His administrative and cabinet nominees are comprised of tax cheats, Clintonistas, and like-minded socialists.
He wants to mollify Eurotrash effetes. He wants to release Islamic terrorists back out into the world to wreak more havoc, and ‘reach out’ (READ: capitulate) to America’s enemies.

In view of the fact that this elitist poof intends to make us all subjects of the new Socialist empire, he’s earned the title of Emperor Barackus Gluteus Maximus.

Enjoy the next four years of the Imperial Hubris.

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