Everytime Geraldo Opens His Piehole, I’m Reminded Why I Turn the Channel

One of Fox News’ resident liberals just can’t help himself. Being a candyass is in his DNA.

From a recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor:

Geraldo Rivera: “I think what happened in Orlando and what happened in Fort Hood Texas is the same thing. You have a paranoid obsessed, impotent, frustrated loser who takes out his rage whatever it is, whether he lost his job, or like the kids at Columbine High School who were being bullied in school or in the case of Major Hasan he’s got whatever his psychobabble religious beef is. They go off and they inflict terrible harm on innocent people to assuage whatever it is that’s bugging them. It is totally about them. It is the same story. And the people I feel the most sorry for tonight are the 12 to 15,000 Muslim GI’s who serve honorably and the four million Muslims in this country the citizens who are patriots and believe that believe in our country and now will be because of this, the way this story is being played will be subjected to more of this kind of undertone, widespread, resentment and prejudice and discrimination that’s happened really since 9-11.


Didja get that? This cheesy mutherfucker has more sympathy for muslim fanatics than he does the victims of their Islamic-inspired terrorism.  Well, a tool does have priorities.
The friends and families of the dead and wounded will be thrilled to know there’s another leftwingnut pundit in the tank for muslim terrorists. I don’t recall the wackjobs at Columbine and Orlando screaming “Allah u Akbar” before they pulled the trigger.
Rivera’s brain is as empty as Capone’s secret vault. He needs to get his ass over to MSNBC; where his brand of pro-illegal alien, Dhimmi apologist commentary is appreciated.

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