Ex Ron Paul Aide: Paul’s Foreign Policy is ‘Sheer Lunacy’

Nah, say it ain’t so.

Ron Paul is not having the best holiday season.  First the media discovered racist, anti-Semitic newsletters that went out under Paul’s name in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. Then the New York Times did a story about the support Paul draws from white supremacists and anti-Semites.  
Now there’s former Paul staffer Eric Dondero purporting to describe the ins and outs of Paul’s positions on everything from Israel (it shouldn’t exist) to Hitler (we shouldn’t have fought him) to 9/11 (U.S. authorities may have known about the attacks) to Afghanistan (we shouldn’t have invaded). He calls Paul’s foreign policy “sheer lunacy.”
Or, as the conservative Weekly Standard summarized in hits headline: “Ex-Aide Says Ron Paul Is a 9/11 Truther & Isolationist Who Thinks U.S. Shouldn’t Have Fought Hitler.”
In his 2,100-word piece, posted at RightwingNews.com, Dondero says he held several campaign and Capitol Hill posts with Paul from 1987 to 2003. At his own website, LibertarianRepublican.net, he said he was revealing much of the information for the first time. “Much of what I have to say will not please the liberal media hacks. Though, the Ron Paul diehards will find much objectionable, as well,” Dondero wrote.
Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton, in a statement circulated to the media, called Dondero “a disgruntled former staffer who was fired for performance issues. He has zero credibility and should not be taken seriously.”

Dondero’s position as a former colleague of Paul’s, gave him a good look at the philosophy and mental process of a bat-shit crazy loon.

The ‘disgruntled, performance issues’ crap  usually rears its ugly head whenever an heretofore faithful sheep leaves a flock.  In this case,  the apostate is simply affirming what observers already know; Paul’s foreign policy ideas are just plain fucking stupid, he’s anti-Israel, and his followers are on the lunatic fringe.  Dondero downplays Paul’s anti-Semitism, explaining:  “…Ron Paul has no problem with (Jews). In fact, there were a few Jews in our congressional district, and Ron befriended them with the specific intent of winning their support for our campaign.”  In spite of Paul’s abject hatred of Israel, we’re supposed to believe that some of his best friends are Jews.  What chutzpah.

The best entertainment comes in the form of the Paulbots’ rush to defend their leader and excoriate critics.  Read some of their comments at the Rightwing News site where Dondero posted his commentary.

A few of them popped up to comment on a post I did about Paul back in June of last year. I can hardly wait until they see his one.

6 thoughts on “Ex Ron Paul Aide: Paul’s Foreign Policy is ‘Sheer Lunacy’”

  1. Listener,
    I don’t particularly like debating with Paulbots, but ocasionally I make an exception. I vent about lots of important issues—illegal immigration, the economy, national security, the military, current events, and history. If you bothered to look around a bit you’d have known that.
    Be that as it may, if your only purpose was to spout ad hominum insults about credibility simply because you can’t stand constructive factual criticism about your favorite candidate, then I can’t possibly take you seriously.

    I’m a former Soldier and Iraq War vet who served 30 years in the United States Army. Your asinine comment about “hating America” because I won’t buy Paul’s shit sandwich, tells me all I need to know about you. Again: My top priorities are the U.S. Constitution and the economic and national security of the United States. Paul’s lunatic fringe theories and philosophy disqualify him as a viable candidate to lead a Democratic Republic. If that makes someone an “America-hater”, then you’re a plain jackass.

    You’ve latched onto a bona fide nutjob who is anti-semitic, blames America for 9/11, claimed that the Oklahoma City bombing was “an inside job”, has a collection of crazy conspiracy theories, and has loony foreign policy ideas. The points I’ve made are all based on Paul’s own words and behavior. Given your affinity for the likes of Paul, it’s pointless to debate you any further on that. Your fantasy of a Ron Paul presidency is amusing and a total waste of time. I suggest you focus on a more viable and more sane candidate.


  2. I don’t dispute any of your list of dates or events, but I don’t see how they are relevant to my point. I’m saying that your argument that Paul is antisemitic doesn’t make sense to me. Many people were for getting involved in the war, many against, and there were varying degrees of opinions and complex issues and ideas on each side. The genocide was one factor, but you can’t say that being against intervention = antisemitism.
    If anything is clear from your response, it is that you hate Arabs or Muslims or both, but would you apply that same logic to prove that you love Israel? My thought is with all the anger and hatred that you’ve built up, you’d need to annihilate someone next after you finished off the Muslim world… might as well be them. And I agree with you that when attacking an enemy, the best approach is going all in, no mercy.
    Getting back to politics – I might be beginning to understand your point of view. The top priority to you is military policy and therefore you find Ron Paul the worst possible candidate. Is this a fair statement of your point of view?

    1. Listener,
      This doesn’t make sense?:

      Friday, February 11, 2011
      CPAC 2011: Ron Paul, the King of NUT JOBS- Is He a Racist, Bigot or Both

      As I write this, Ron Paul is on the CPAC main stage spewing his over-the-top rhetoric about how the US causes every international problem in the world. There are two kinds people here at CPAC, college students who show up at the conference on Paul’s dime (and to make sure he wins the Straw Poll) and the rest of us who think that Paul is an over the top bigot. (There are more of us than them they are much louder though).

      It was the Ron Paul supporters who were shouting “sheckel” when former defense secretary Rumsfeld was speaking, a reference to Paul’s belief that the “Jewish Lobby” controls American Foreign policy.

      ……A 1987 issue of Paul’s Investment Letter called Israel “an aggressive, national socialist state,” and a 1990 newsletter discussed the “tens of thousands of well-placed friends of Israel in all countries who are willing to wok [sic] for the Mossad in their area of expertise.” Of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, a newsletter said, “Whether it was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little.”http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2011/02/cpac-2011-ron-paul-king-of-nut-jobs-is.html

      Here’s an article that has a breakdown of some of Paul’s most inflammatory rhetoric, including anti-semitic comments:


      The November 1992 Ron Paul Survival Report defends chess champion and Holocaust-denier Bobby Fischer, saying that “the brilliant Fischer, who has all the makings of an American hero, is very politically incorrect on Jewish questions, for which he will never be forgiven, even though he is a Jew. Thus we are not supposed to herald him as the world’s greatest chess player.”


      He doesn’t have the guts to just come out and say he hates Jews. Instead, he’ll skirt the issue. Last I checked, like it or not, Israel is the only real U.S. ally in the Middle East.

      As for this comment:

      Many people were for getting involved in the war, many against, and there were varying degrees of opinions and complex issues and ideas on each side. The genocide was one factor, but you can’t say that being against intervention = antisemitism.

      Paul’s statment that he “wouldn’t have fought Hitler just to save the Jews”, is indicative of a scatterbrained historical amnesiac. We entered the war after PEARL HARBOR, thus making Paul’s implication that our participation in WWII was to “free the Jews”, just as ludicrous as the rest of his opinions. The holocaust was largely ignored until the concentration camps were liberated.

      And as for this:

      If anything is clear from your response, it is that you hate Arabs or Muslims or both, but would you apply that same logic to prove that you love Israel?

      I hate muslims for a reason; they declared war on the West, America in particular, and brought that war to our soil, killing almost 3000 people in the process. They are bred, funded, trained, and supported throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, parts of Indonesia, and Southwest Asia by the regimes in Islamic-nation states. Their philosophy is based in a 7th century screed and their goal is a world Caliphate. If you think this war is over, you are sadly mistaken. It ain’t over by a long shot. It will take another attack that makes 9/11 look like a picnic before people get a clue.
      Mohammad declared war on Jews, Christians and infidels with the writing of the Koran in 692AD. His followers started prosecuting that war in 693AD. Islam’s modern war against the West was officially kicked off in 1979, with the Iranian hostage taking of the American embassy in Tehran. Since then, the terrorist attacks grew closer in proximity and more severe. Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the American embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, and the FIRST World Trade Center attack in 1993, all went unanswered by a ‘president’ more occupied with Chinese cash and mouth-to-crotch resuscitation from Monika Lewinsky.

      The current White House occupant is a laughing-stock and a failure of epic proportions. Since day one, he’s been immersed in destroying (“fundamentally transforming”) America’s economy and national security into mush. The security deficiencies didn’t start with Obama, but they’ve been worsened by his policies.
      B. Hussein Obama is a Dhimmi who wants to go easy on Islamic terrorists; so much so that he’s willing to try them in a civilian court of law, grant them rights they’re not entitled to, and further expose the American public to incendiary rhetoric and attacks while this judicial circus plays out in the MSM.

      Jamaat al Fuqra training camps dot the American landscape. Radical muslims stand on New York City street corners praising the Ft. Hood terrorist atrocity. Muslim recruitment takes place in our prisons, and Imams preach anti-American hate-speech from mosques within our borders.

      Concern and vigilance of dedicated agents and intelligence analysts is often dismissed by incompetent supervisors afraid of ’making waves’ and ‘offending the wrong ethnic group’, than doing what it takes to enhance security.

      We should have the same attitude toward muslims and their respective Islamic cesspools as we did toward the Nazi Germans, Fascist Italians, and Japanese Imperialists: Anihiliate them to the point where they will think twice before they mess with the United States.
      My top priorities are the U.S. Constitution and the economic and national security of the United States. Paul’s lunatic fringe theories and philosophy disqualify him as a viable candidate to lead a Democratic Republic.

      That should clear things up.

      SFC MAC

  3. I recommend a book by Pat Buchanan, “Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World.” He makes a pretty good argument against fighting Hitler as well. Does that mean he hates Jews too?

    1. Listener,
      I recommend you stop reading books by Buchanan and review the facts. Neville Chamberlain thought Hitler was a pretty good guy too. If you recall anything about the history of both world wars, you’ll know that we tried like hell to stay out of both. We got into WWI, inspite of Wilson’s (who was a socailist prog, by the way) efforts to stay out of it. One thing led to another (http://firstworldwar.com/origins/causes.htm) and the Germans forced our hand with submarine warfare against our commercial shipping lanes. We were late comers. The war had been raging since 1914. We didn’t enter the fray until 1917.

      As for WWII, again, we were fashionably late. Hitler had invaded multiple countries before we got involved:

      Poland (1939)
      Denmark (1940)
      Norway (1940)
      Belgium (1940)
      The Netherlands (aka Holland) – 1940
      Luxembourg (1940)
      France (1940)
      The Channel Islands (UK depencencies) – 1940
      Greece (1941)
      Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia) – 1941
      Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) -1941

      The ones annexed before World War 2 were:

      Austria (1938)
      Sudetenland (1938)
      Bohemia and Moravia (Czechoslovakia) – (March 1939)
      Memel (part of Lithuania) – (March 1939)
      Slovakia was set up as a German puppet state (1939)

      Japan finally dragged us into it after the Pearl Harbor attack.

      We didn’t get into the war to save the Jews. We got into the war because Japan attacked us. Until then, America was perfectly content to sit back and watch someone else’s war.

      Anyone who thinks we shouldn’t attack the allies of our enemies as well, has a shit factory for a brain.

      The West is “losing the world” becasuse of “multicultural”, “diverse”, Dhimmi, kowtowing bullshit. When you attack an enemy, you don’t half-step. You attack us, we annihilate you, your supporters, your friends, and the fucking camel you rode in on. The Islamists declared war on America, including Western civilization. They started it, we could have and should have finished it the next day. Personally, I’d have leveled 3/4ths of the Middle east with MOABS and neutron bombs. But I’m a former Soldier, not a politician.

      It’s all “unnecessary” to you Paulbot pacifists until we get hit in our own back yard, which by then, is almost too late. We have enough of a pussy in the White House right now.

      SFC MAC

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