Facebook’s Craptastic 51 Gender Options


More hilarious antics from the dysfunctional Left. You just can’t make up this shit. Facebook has added 51 “gender options” to the individual profile settings.  Who knew there were so many options. Reuters has only nine.

Some of the “choices”:

Agender – Someone who does not identify with any sort of gender identity. This term may also be used by someone who intentionally has no recognizable gender presentation. Some people use similar terms such as “genderless” and “gender neutral”.

As in your guess is as good as mine.

Androgyne/Androgynous – someone who neither identifies with, nor presents as, a man or woman. Being “androgynous” can refer to having both masculine and feminine qualities. This term has Latin roots: Andro- meaning “man” and -gyne, meaning “woman.” Some androgynes may identity as “gender benders”, meaning that they are intentionally “bending” (or challenging/transgressing) societal gender roles.

Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Boy George.  Yeah, I get it.

Bigender- someone who identifies as both a man and a woman. A Bigender identity is a combination of these two genders, but not necessarily a 50/50 combination, as these genders are often felt – and expressed – fully. Similar to individuals who identify as gender fluid, bigender people may present as men, as women, or as gender-neutral ways on different days.

Like a psychological hermaphrodite.

Gender Fluid- someone whose gender identity and presentation are not confined to only one gender category. Gender fluid people may have dynamic or fluctuating understandings of their gender, moving between categories as feels right. For example, a gender fluid person might feel more like a man one day and more like a woman on another day, or that neither term is a good fit.

Gender fluid?  WTF, just go with the flow…

Gender Questioning- Someone who may be questioning their gender or gender identity, and/or considering other ways of experiencing or expressing their gender or gender presentation.

Questioning. That probably means neither your genitals nor your brain help provide an answer. You are so fucked.

Gender Variant- an umbrella term that refers to anyone who, for any reason, does not have a cisgender identity (which includes the trans* umbrella). Others acknowledge issues with this term as it implies that such genders are “deviations” from a standard gender, and reinforces the “naturalness” of the two-gender system. Some prefer the terms “gender diverse” or “gender-nonconforming.”

Depending on their mood, they can “deviate” to some kind of variation.

Genderqueer- Someone who identifies outside of, or wishes to challenge, the two-gender (i.e., man/woman) system; may identify as multiple genders, a combination of genders, or “between” genders. People who use this term may feel that they are reclaiming the word “queer”, which has historically been used as a slur against gay men and women. This term is used more often by younger generations doing the “reclaiming” and less often by slightly older generations who may have personally experienced the term “queer” as a slur.

It’s queer alright.

Neither- Not putting a label on one’s gender.

No labels. So no one can tell what the fuck you are.

Neutrois- An umbrella term within the bigger umbrella terms of transgender or genderqueer. Includes people who do not identify within the binary gender system (i.e., man/woman). According to Neutrois.com, some common Neutrois identities include agender neither-gender, and gender-less.

There isn’t an umbrella big enough to cover that pile of incoherent bat-shit crazy nonsense.

Non-binary- Similar to genderqueer, this is a way of describing one’s gender as outside the two-gender (i.e., man/woman) system and/or challenging that system.

Outside of the two biological human sexes on earth…something from outer space.

Other- Choosing to not provide a commonly recognized label to one’s gender. When used by someone to describe themselves, this may feel like a freeing way of describing (or not specifically describing) their gender. The term “other” should not be used to refer to people whose gender you can’t quite understand or place.

As in “none of the above”. I can just imagine.

Pangender- “Pan” means every, or all, and this is another identity label such like genderqueer or neutrois that challenges binary gender and is inclusive of gender diverse people.

“I can be anything to anyone at anytime”.

They’ve come up with 51 of these things so far, and I’ll bet that more will be added to satisfy some fruitcake who thinks it’s not inclusive enough.  The Left has gone to ridiculous lengths to accommodate the fringe that has become part of their mainstream.

It started with the “LGBT” crap and went downhill from there.



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  2. SARG…sweety you sure can fook up a nice day…
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    I cudn’t go any furder…
    shot my ckic’n borritoe threw my nose…
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    1. Butt,
      What can I say? My commentary is a bit on the snarky side and always entertaining.

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