Failed Dem Congressional Candidate Calls For ‘Domestic War’ on Trump Supporters

Bring it, Moe. We’re waiting to see if you’re going to back up that civil war you want, or if you’re just another bloviating Demturd. I’m guessing door #2.

Daily Wire

Retired Air Force Colonel Moe Davis, a failed Democrat congressional candidate, wrote an inflammatory tweet targeting Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), whom he lost to in November, saying that it was time to “start a domestic war” on “American terrorists.”

Davis’ tweet comes after Cawthorn, who is confined to a wheelchair, participated in a January 6 rally for President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., for which Cawthorn received a fair amount of criticism.

“I was Chief Prosecutor at Guantanamo for over 2 years and there’s far more evidence of Congressman Madison Cawthorn’s guilt than there was of guilt for 95+ percent of the detainees,” Davis wrote. “It’s time we start a domestic war on sedition by American terrorists.”

This motherfucker sounds more like the muzzie terrorists at GITMO than a former military officer.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted the tweet on his show on Monday night, saying, “Among those terrorists, the ones he says are literally more dangerous than al-Qaeda and therefore must be imprisoned and killed, is a 25-year-old wheelchair bound Madison Cawthorn, who was just elected by American voters to the United States Congress.”

“But according to Colonel Moe Davis, Congressman Cawthorn and the millions of Americans who agree with him, the ones who voted Republican in November, must be subdued by force,” Carlson continued. “They are the enemy our military exists to fight. Now, keep in mind that Colonel Davis, Colonel Moe Davis, spent his life under arms, so you can be certain he isn’t using the term ‘enemy’ in some metaphorical sense.”

The tweet comes after Davis has written other inflammatory remarks on the platform that would likely be deemed problematic by the media if he were a Republican.

“Screw they go low, we go high bullsh*t,” he wrote in 2019. “When @NCGOP extremists go low, we stomp their scrawny pasty necks with our heels and once you hear the sound of a crisp snap you grind your heel hard and twist it slowly side to side for good measure. He needs to know who whupped his ass.”


Of course, the real domestic terrorists, Antifa and BLM, are excluded from his frothing rant.

Fuck him. I would love to see this little douche attempt to carry out his fantasy.  His neck will be the one getting a crisp snap.

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