Fake Sean Spicer Twitter Account Drives Leftwingnut Journos, Dems Off the Crazy Cliff

Hilarious.  I’ve been following the ‘Spicier’ account and laughing at the triggered Progs. It’s too bad that this is being revealed. It will spoil all the fun.  Anyone with half a brain will always check the profile for clues of fakery, but they’re not that smart.  Still, there will be some morons out there who will fall for it anyway.

From the Daily Caller

Many main stream news outlets, well known journalists, and a number of Democrats have fallen for a parody twitter account. The account is supposed to mimic White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but many think the tweets are real.

The account Sean Spicier has been taking heat from many democrats, as they believe they are tweeting at the actual White House press secretary. Each tweet has hundreds of hostile responses.

Democrats are often made fun of for tweeting at the fake account with their opposing views.



He drops hints all over the place to let them know that they’re idiots, but they don’t get it.


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