Fascist Flight Attendant Threatens to Have People Who Don’t Wear Mask ‘Properly’ Arrested, Put on No Fly List

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A video clip shows a Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatening to put anyone who doesn’t properly wear their mask on a no-fly list for life and have them arrested and jailed for 20 years.

“Once the door is closed, if we have to ask you more than once to cover your nose, mouth, put your mask on – we are not gonna be rude, we are not gonna be nasty – we are gonna simply take your seat number and your name and when we get where we are going, you will either be arrested, fined, but you will also be placed on a no-fly list, meaning you will not be able to fly on any airline for the rest of your life,” says the flight attendant.

He then adds that he doesn’t want “to do the extra paperwork,” before inviting anyone who doesn’t agree to leave the plane.

This is the little fag who made the threats:

The entire plane of passengers should have immediately demanded to disembark.

After referring to viral videos of passengers attacking flight attendants, the staffer, who says his name is Marrio, then claims, “Let me remind you, we are government officials, this is government property,” before threatening passengers who misbehave with 20 years in prison and a $250,000 dollar fine.

There is no law that says people who improperly wear masks can be banned from flying for life.

The flight attendant is clearly abusing their power and should be fired immediately.

Someone should remind the little pompous power-hungry nazi that airlines are not government property, he doesn’t have the authority to dictate who can and cannot fly, or the adjudication of prison and fines ‘for not wearing a mask properly’.

His ass needs to be on the unemployment line.


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