FBI Offered to Pay British Spy $50,000 for Fake Trump Dossier

The more that comes out about the Obama/FBI subterfuge, the more vile and disgusting it gets.

From The Daily Caller

New details are emerging about the FBI’s arrangement with the former British spy who compiled the infamous opposition research dossier on Donald Trump.

According to The New York Times, FBI agents met in early October with the former spy, Christopher Steele, to discuss his future work on the dossier. Steele had started compiling research in June on Trump’s potential ties to Russia. He was working for Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm that was a client of an ally of Hillary Clinton’s.

The Times reports that Steele and the FBI settled on a $50,000 payout if the ex-MI6 agent could corroborate information contained in his dossier.

As The Times notes, the payment was never made, perhaps suggesting that Steele was not able to confirm information in his memos.


The intelligence agencies in America have become retarded on so many levels.  They’re politicized to the point where any fatuous assertion passes for reality. They’ve become an operative wing of the Left; discarding the law and the Constitution to smear politicians they don’t like, who happen to be Republican.  If Comey and his merry band of idiots focused half as much attention on the real corruption in Obama’s regime, and Hillary’s State Department, we wouldn’t have been saddled with an 8 year disaster.



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