FBI Official Withheld Negative Information About Christopher Steele Because Of Agreement With Brits

Via The Daily Caller

Bill Priestap, the FBI’s former chief of counterintelligence, told Justice Department investigators he agreed not to disclose information he learned about Christopher Steele as a precondition for a meeting with British government officials regarding the former MI6 officer, according to recently declassified information.

Priestap and his deputy, Peter Strzok, traveled to the United Kingdom in November and December 2016 to assess the reliability of Steele, a former MI6 officer whose dossier the FBI used for its investigation into the Trump campaign.

Priestap and Strzok received mixed reviews about Steele from his former colleagues, according to a Justice Department inspector general’s report on the FBI’s probe.

Some vouched for Steele’s honesty and integrity, but several others questioned his judgement and “lack of self-awareness.” Some colleagues described Steele as “smart,” and a “person of integrity,” their notes said.

“[I]f he reported it, he believed it,” one contact said.

But their notes also reflected negative reviews on Steele. He “[d]emonstrates lack of self-awareness, poor judgment,” was “underpinned by poor judgment,” and “[r]eporting in good faith, but not clear what he would have done to validate,” one source said.

Priestap and Strzok embarked on the fact-finding mission weeks after the FBI had already used Steele’s anti-Trump dossier to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) order against Carter Page.

They shared those assessments with the FBI team conducting the Trump probe, but did not include the information in Steele’s so-called Delta file, which the FBI maintains for its confidential sources.

Because the information was not in Steele’s file, it was not used to assess Steele’s validity as an FBI source for the Trump investigation. The FBI also did not share the information in three additional applications for FISA orders against Page.

Priestap was asked during an interview with the IG why the negative Steele information was not included in his file, or disclosed to the FISA Court.

He said that he “may have made a commitment” to Steele’s former employer, “not to document the former employer’s views on Steele as a condition for obtaining the information” on the retired spy.


So, this FBI schmuck withheld detrimental information on a reprobate former MI6 agent so he could get a dossier full of half baked bullshit to use in a political smear against the Trump campaign.

Just more proof that Obama’s weaponized agencies engaged in systematic corruption and illegal activities to undermine the election and overthrow Donald Trump if he became president.

The FBI’s own memos showed that the “Russian collusion” hoax pushed by Dems in an attempt at a coup d’ etat, fell apart during the first month of  Trump’s presidency.

They knew all this shit but pushed it anyway because Orange Man Bad.



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