Former Governor Mike Huckabee Cuts Loose on the Saudis

The former Arkansas governor made the comments following what he suggested was a muted response by the Bush administration to a Saudi court’s sentence of six months in jail and 200 lashes for a woman who was gang raped.”The United States has been far too involved in sort of looking the other way, not only at the atrocities of human rights and violation of women,” Huckabee said on CNN’s “Late Edition.””Every time we put our credit card in the gas pump, we’re paying so that the Saudis get rich–filthy, obscenely rich, and that money then ends up going to funding madrassas,” schools “that train the terrorists,” said Huckabee. “America has allowed itself to become enslaved to Saudi oil. It’s absurd. It’s embarrassing.”

Huckabee said “I would make the United States energy independent within 10 years and tell the Saudis they can keep their oil just like they can keep their sand, that we won’t need either one of them.”

I’m all for that. Encourage and fund feasible alternate energy sources to wean ourselves off of oil dependence. We have thousands of intelligent, motivated students and scientists in this country. There is no reason why we shouldn’t have already had other types of efficient, cheap fuel sources available for use. The main problems will involve conversion of vehicle engines and refueling convienience. This is why I believe the “electric car” will never take hold. I don’t want to worry about a charged automobile in case of an emergency. If I have gas in the car, I know it will run. A better alternative would be say, requiring all new cars sold in the United States to be ‘flex-fuel’ vehicles that can run not just on gasoline, but on ethanol and methanol, which is already in the developmental stages.

Huckabee address the latest Saudi Arabian atrocity:

Responding to the gang rape case in Saudi Arabia, the State Department expressed astonishment about the sentence of the Saudi court against the rape victim.

The woman was convicted of being in the car of a man who was not a relative. The seven men convicted of raping her were given prison sentences of two years to nine years.

Her sentence for being the victim of a gang rape was about 200 lashes and a jail sentence. Under muslim law, a woman violates the “segregation of the sexes” if she is raped.

These are the kind of troglodytes so admired and supported by Code Pink, A.N.S.W.E.R., CAIR, and most, if not all of the muslim organizations in America and throughout the world.

Guess how the government responded?

……State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said that “when you look at the crime and the fact that now the victim is punished, I think that causes a fair degree of surprise and astonishment. But it is within the power of the Saudi government to take a look at the verdict and change it.”
Last Tuesday, the same day as McCormack’s comments, President Bush telephoned Saudi King Abdullah, trying to get Saudi Arabia to co-sponsor this week’s U.S.-organized conference aimed at working toward a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. On Friday, Abdullah agreed to send its foreign minister to the conference.


Yeah, and just how or when do you think the misogynist, ass backward muslims will change? They’re still in a draconian, koran-based 7th Century society. Good luck with that, McCormack.

And apparently, the President is too busy trying to persuade the terrorist sponsoring country to participate in a peace conference.

After she gets the 200 lashes and hard prison time just for being female, GW can explain the delicate complexities of egg-shell walking for despicable “friends”.

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