Former Time Editor and ‘Constitutional Expert’ Now Works for State Department

Rick Stengel , who wrote an article claiming that the Constitution was never intended to restrict or limit big government, has just been added to the State Department.

From the New York Post.

……Stengel stepped down as the top editor of Time magazine last summer because he was under consideration for a job in Obama’s State Department. But the government shutdown last fall delayed the process for months.

Stengel actually started work as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs in February, but the official swearing-in ceremony did not take place until Tuesday afternoon in the State Department’s Benjamin Franklin Room.

There, Secretary of State John Kerry joked that Stengel was back sharing an apartment with Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson, another former top editor of Time — and CNN — who now runs the Washington, DC-based think tank, the Aspen Institute.


The incestuous relationship between the leftwing media and the Obama regime  started during the 2008 election.

He’ll fit in just fine at Obama’s State Department.

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