Fox News Cancels Lou Dobbs

Another nail in the Fox News coffin.

Daily Caller

Former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs retweeted several negative comments about Fox News on Friday after the network cancelled his show.

Dobbs had “no comment at this time” regarding the news, according to CNN’s Oliver Darcy. Despite not commenting publicly, Dobbs did spend the evening somewhat addressing his potential view of the situation by retweeting posts condemning Fox News over the decision.

……One retweet declared that the network cancelled Dobbs’ show because “he is a truth teller” and “a threat to the giant cabal.” Another individual that Dobbs retweeted wrote: “Fox is in a race with itself to the bottom.” The former Fox Business host also retweeted former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, who wrote that “#FOXisfinished.”

……Dobbs began at Fox Business in 2010 and his show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was “the #1 news program on business television,” according to the network.

The show’s cancellation comes one day after Smartmatic, a voting machine company, filed a $2.7 billion dollar lawsuit against Fox News in the New York Supreme Court. Dobbs came under fire during the 2020 election after pushing election fraud claims.


In other words, he told the truth, and the hierarchy didn’t like it.

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