Frank Caprio (D-RI) to Obama: “Shove it”

Do I detect a rift in the ranks?

“I never asked president Obama for his endorsement….He can take his endorsement and really shove it as far as I’m concerned. The reality here is Rhode Islanders are hurting.”

That was in response for Obama not endorsing him in the Governor’s race.

Evidently, B. Hussein only showed up for photo ops and fund-raising for the Congressional races and stayed out of the Governor’s race in deference to the liberal Republican Lincoln Chaffee, who is running as an “Independent”. Chaffee crossed party lines during the 2008 campaign and endorsed Obama, so it’s simply a political favor in return.

Dem strategist Doug Schoen describes his party as “stressed out, divided, pulling apart at the seams”.  “Frank Caprio’s comment, which was wrong and intemperate, is a reflection of a larger problem the democrats have, which is an election which is going to be calamitous”, Schoen said.

And it can’t happen to a better party.

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