Fritz Hollings: ‘Charge Obama With ‘War Crimes’

The disgruntled Leftwing mob continues to pursue the ‘war crimes’ approach.

The United States’ presence in Pakistan and Afghanistan is only furthering the spread of terrorism and President Obama could be charged with war crimes, former Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.) wrote Wednesday.

“Why are we killing GIs to spread terrorism?” Hollings, a longtime (though now-retired) lawmaker asked in a blog post for the Huffington Post. “The best way to stabilize is to get out. It became a matter of conscience for me years ago.”

Okay, let’s dissect this for a minute. Using Hollings’ brilliant philosphy, we also ‘spread’ Nazism, Japanese Imperialism, and Italian Fascism in WWII by fighting back against those bastards, too. We should have ‘stabilized’ the situation by cleaning up the bodies and debris at Pearl Harbor and just staying home. Right Fritz?

Hollings argued that Obama’s continuation of some of former President Bush’s tactical strategies in the war on terror could make Obama liable for war crimes charges.

“Yesterday I read an article that it won’t be long before charging President George W. Bush with war crimes for killing civilians in Pakistan with drones,” he argued. “Now the same charge could be made against President Obama.”

Hollings said there is no good reason for the United States to remain in Afghanistan, discounting arguments that more troops are need to enchance the stability of the region.

“What we can’t understand is that we are creating terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he asserted.

I don’t understand why assholes like Fritz Hollings are so clueless about who’s behind world-wide terrorism and what it takes to stop them. That seems to be a common thread with Lefties.

Creating terrorism in heretofore terrorist bastions Afghanistan and Pakistan? This man cannot be this fucking stupid, or is he? Proof positive that Democrats are some of the most delusional, ignorant wackjobs on the planet.

Don’t count on the success of any ‘war crimes’ indictments against George Bush. In spite of the incessant demands from unhinged moonbats in the Democratic party and at the HuffPo, it will never happen. Bush did what he had to do to to strike back against Islamic terrorists and keep this country safe during the remainder of his tenure. He did a damned good job. Obama could never measure up to that kind of courage and determination. But then, why would he piss off his muslim supporters?

As for charging Obama: I’d be more interested in seeing him charged with all the corruption he’s engaged in since the beginning of his political career.

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