‘Fugees’ Band Member Indicted for Funneling $21.6 Million in Illegal foreign Donations to Obama in 2012

The feds indicted Pras Michel, a rapper for the group ‘The Fugees’ on Friday for funneling tens of millions of dollars to the 2012 Obama reelection fund.

Via the DOJ:

According to the indictment, between June 2012 and November 2012, Low directed the transfer of approximately $21,600,000 from foreign entities and accounts to Michel for the purpose of funneling significant sums of money into the United States presidential election as purportedly legitimate contributions, all while concealing the true source of the money.

To facilitate the excessive contributions and conceal their true source, Michel paid approximately $865,000 of the money received from Low to about 20 straw donors, or conduits, so that the straw donors could make donations in their names to a presidential joint fundraising committee.  In addition, Michel personally directed more than $1 million of the money received from Low to an independent expenditure committee also involved in the presidential election in 2012.

The indictment also alleges that by funneling campaign contributions through straw donors, Michel caused a presidential joint fundraising committee to submit false reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), including a false amended report in June 2013.  The committee’s reports were false because they identified the straw donors, rather than Low or Michel, as the true source of the contributions.

In addition, the indictment alleges that by contributing more than $1 million of the money he received from Low to an independent expenditure committee, Michel also caused that committee to submit false reports to the FEC, insofar as those reports identified Michel as the source of the contributions when, in fact, it was Low.

The indictment further alleges that in June 2015, Michel submitted a false declaration to the FEC in which he claimed that he had no reason to conceal the true source of his contributions to the independent expenditure committee in 2012, even though Michel knew that the true source of that money was Low and that Michel had funneled the foreign money into the election.



During the 2008 campaign, Obama received money from PLO donors in the Gaza strip, as well as illegal contributions from fraudulent donors using pseudonyms instead of legitimate names and businesses.

His Obama.com site was owned by a fundraiser with ties to China.

He knew. He just didn’t give a shit and neither did his lapdog media.

1 thought on “‘Fugees’ Band Member Indicted for Funneling $21.6 Million in Illegal foreign Donations to Obama in 2012”

  1. My word, the Obama crowd CHEATED? Some peoples knew? How awful. Let’s do what Democrats always do, ignore the facts and laws while moving ahead with their agenda. These lowlife weasels are not the only ones to funnel illegal money into elections. Clinton was China’s best president ever. Hopefully some day all these corrupt SOB’s will be exposed and brought to justice. As this crap goes on everywhere, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting. I wonder which Democratic/ Socialist idiot will be bought and paid for to go up against Trump. I couldn’t imagine wasting my dollars on supporting any one of the sea of fools running against him

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