Funding for Pre-Existing Conditions Evaporates From ObamaCare

According to the Dems, the big, bad, greedy insurance companies were the ones guilty of such things.

From Fox News

The Obama administration is quietly winding down one of the earliest programs created by the president’s health care overhaul law.

It’s a plan that provides stopgap coverage for uninsured people with medical problems who have been turned down by insurers.

Administration officials broke the news to state counterparts in a teleconference on Friday.

They said the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will stop taking new applications because of funding concerns. The suspension happens immediately in 23 states where the federal government administers the program, but states that run their own plans may have more time, depending on contract arrangements.

There’s only 100,000 people enrolled in Obama’s PECIP, which means that anyone not enrolled among the 47 million who will be forced onto ObamaCare, will be shit out of luck.
If the government takes over health care in this country, there will be a Darwinization of medicine. Government claims agents will be appointed to decide whether or not your life is worth saving or if it’s “necessary” to provide treatment. The government will decide which doctor you will have, what kind of treatment will be allocated, and when.
Bottom line: Your well being will become a ward of the state; including all of you liberal assholes who thought ObamaCare would be such a wonderful idea. You’ll be on a six-month waiting list, too. You’ll have to abide by the decision of a panel when it deems your illness is too expensive to treat. Ironic, considering all the taxpayer money that went to fund this universal socialist trainwreck. Where will you go? Canada? Europe? They’ve had a socialized monstrosity for years. You could try Mexico, although I doubt you’d live through one of their medical operations. Welcome to rationed ObamaCare, suckers.
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2 thoughts on “Funding for Pre-Existing Conditions Evaporates From ObamaCare”

  1. When Odumba promised change he really meant it and has stuck with that promise. The people who voted for him expected a diiferent kind of change though and now we all will be looking for loose change in our sofas and other places.

  2. barbara aderhold

    I heard a lot of people, family and others, who were happy for Obamacare BECAUSE of that very promise..and now they are “up shit creek” as you sad..

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