FYI: George Floyd’s Criminal Record (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Medical Examiner: Fentanyl and methamphetamine found in Floyd’s system.

At the time of his last arrest, he was caught passing counterfeit bills.

You have to wonder if a cop hadn’t killed him, how much longer would it be before Floyd murdered someone himself.

This is the charge against him from the home invasion. He robbed and assaulted a pregnant woman and pointed the gun at her stomach.






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76 thoughts on “FYI: George Floyd’s Criminal Record (UPDATED)”

  1. Craig Elliott

    If you use bible quotes to justify murder one should remember God’s actual words that thou shalt not kill

    1. Craig Elliot: God’s words: Ecclesiastes 3:3 “A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up…”
      Aside from that, Floyd’s death was late in coming. When he pointed that gun at the pregnant woman’s belly during the home invasion, you should have been on hand to give him biblical lectures.
      SFC MAC

  2. sorry this happened but i feel all aspects of this case should be open to the public. no one is crying out for that poor women who was beaten and batterd by floyd. i feel it floyd would commit murder as he became more desperate It was gods wiill that caught up with him,afterall you cant get away with this shit

  3. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free john 8:32 also, if you live by the sword you shall die by the sword Matthew 26:52. The truth will change you.

  4. I’m glad that some people eyes are opened to the truth and seeing what is happening in or nation. We have to pray for peace and God’s mercy toward the family and for the 4
    officers and our officials.


    saw the security cam where when they sat him down against the wall, a small baggie fell out of his pocket. wasnt a sandwich bag either.

    whites have statues of heroes all colors blacks have sratues of thugs all black

    something is amiss in the us

  6. Greg Wallace

    We can’t have a status of Christopher Columbus,But this criminal is now painted all over the ciry

  7. Mary Severson

    This is some gaslighting bullshit. This has nothing to do with the George Floyd of recent events.

    1. Mary:
      It speaks volumes about his character. At the time of his last arrest, he had fentanyl and meth in his system and he was caught passing counterfeit bills. Not only that, but a new video shows that he resisted arrest for several minutes. Ask his victims about ‘gaslighting’, in particular, the pregnant woman whose home he invaded at gunpoint and at whose stomach he pointed that gun. Cops kill more white people than blacks. Maybe us white folks should burn cities to the ground. Here’s another “I can’t breathe” story that BLM and their sympathizers ignore:
      They’re very selective about which black lives actually matter. The ones killed by gang violence, robbery, and at random for the hell of it, aren’t important. They can’t be used as political fodder. Apparently, the body count they’ve accumulated so far during the Floyd riots, isn’t important either.
      Collateral damage for the cause.

      SFC MAC

  8. The greatest threat to a black man in this country is another black man. The major news outlets in this country do not discuss nor remind the citizens of this country that the huge underlying fact for blacks not being able live in harmony is the threat that they will be robbed or killed by another black man. Rap music and its stars do no good by writing music that demeans black women and glorifies a thug ghetto lifestyle where lots of money and recognition is done by acting as a criminal and breaking the law. The children of black families in the inner city have no real black role models or a father that stays with the family to show the children how to be loyal to the women who they call mother. during the protests and riots here in Chicago the inner city blacks looted and robbed their own neighborhood businesses that they pleaded and begged to have opened in their neighborhood. The world viewed black mothers, black children, and young black men stealing and looting businesses together. What does this teach the young black children on the proper way to behave ? The suburbs around Chicago have had enough of this behavior and weakening of police powers by good police and the citizens and storeowners have now started to arm themselves with legal weapons and will be ready with their own private justice when another riot flares up.

  9. The post by Todd, is coming from an international site.. Now, I have to wonder who that is and why they are posting on this particular page.. Of course George had a problem with cocaine..As far as the last time he was in jail,, One has to wonder if that is not made up, particularly since it is coming from God only knows where..

    1. patricia,

      The information about the fentanyl and meth found in Floyd’s system was confirmed by the Minneapolis medical examiner. His criminal activity is public record.
      SFC MAC

  10. Such BS from the cable news and mainstream news in this country flying at warp speed LEFT straight into 3rd world hell
    Kneel Kneel Kneel to these idiots???????

  11. Barbara A. Karan

    Fantastic!!!!! I thought I was the only one with common sense. Kudos…and God bless you.

  12. Seams to me that the protesters are continuing Floids fine legacy in crime and destruction. You can’t make a martyr out of a man like George Fliod. Chances are, given enough time he would have become another black on black homicide statistic which even “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t seem to ever make much of, as Black on black statistics don’t support their narrative.

  13. Larry Hansen

    We need behavioral change, as highlighted again by the George Floyd case. But what kind and by whom and what is the likelihood? African-Americans constitute 12% of the population of the US while accounting for over 50% of murders and over 70% of crimes in general. The politically correct media tell us that law enforcers should mend their ways – but maybe these statistics show it’s the law breakers themselves who should mend their ways (compare George Floyd’s criminal record and conduct in this case). Such a change would not be easy – maybe even impossible – read Arnold Toynbee’s “A Study of History” and compare how whites versus how blacks reached this country. Then ask yourself what difference the contrasting journeys here made in the nature and makeup of today’s US population, in view of Toynbee’s thesis, namely, the survival of the fittest.

  14. This makes me so sick. And they had to riot, steal, and destroy, for what this was not for George Floyd, th his was to Rob PEOPLE and destroy their properties that’s all .

  15. weavergenecomcastnet

    If he had not tried to pass a COUNTERFEIT $20 BILL HE COULD STILL BE ALIVE.
    Obviously, that is the truth.

  16. weavergenecomcastnet

    Teaching your children to protest does no good. They have all kinds of protests. It is actually mental illness and a syndrome, called blaming, not matter what their race is.
    Blacks have fine equal opportunity in California with free community college that they do not take advantage of. So, don’t give us this baloney about equal opportunity, BNV

    1. Spencer,
      A “changed man” doesn’t end up with fentanyl and meth in his system and pass counterfeit bills. Aside from that, I’m sure his victims think his “change” came too late.
      SFC MAC

  17. When America constantly creates obstacles for equal opportunities citizens, bringing drugs in the community from the invasions in Afghanistan and other countries fueling drugs crisis throughout this country. Their are millions of people from the African Diaspora who become victims of this system created for prison industries. When you break the law, prosecute, judge and sentence a high proportion of people of color to served time for a crime, then it should be…Time served. Creating a narrative to justify police public lynching does not change the fact that the actions by the Minneapolis police was murder.

    1. BNV,
      Those drugs are brought into the country by cartels, who sell them to a market that is all too willing to pay for them.
      FYI: More whites than blacks are killed by cops. Maybe we should take a flame thrower to our cities whenever that happens.
      And oh, by the way, blacks make up 13% of the population, while they commit 52% of crime.
      They gang bang each other every day. More blacks are killed that way than from cops.
      Claiming victimhood is so much easier than personal accountability.
      The BLM protesters have killed 17 people so far, including blacks. Did their lives matter, or probably not because they’re just collateral damage for the cause?
      SFC MAC

  18. People don’t want to hear the truth, they rather make a martyr of an ex-con with a violent record.

  19. Roger Pearce

    in 2019 blacks committed over 560,000 violent acts against whites. In the same period whites committed over 99,000 violent crimes against blacks. Considering the fact that the black population is only 13% of the USA total population it tells me blacks are dangerous. So was George Floyd. The above can be proven by visitind The Dept. of Justice records.

  20. Roger Pearce

    After reading Floyd’s police record I now know that the black race condones crime and I feel young black kids are not to blame if they grow up and become a criminal. The blame goes to the black parents of these children as the parents do not think it is wrong to be a criminal. In 2019 the blacks committed 560,000 violent crimes against whites. If you do not believe me then check with the Dept. of justice and find out for yourself. Crime is the way of life in the black community.

  21. Fred Flintstone

    No, Floyd’s death was a product of a racist cop’s knee of his neck. If he had the same “lifestyle” and no knee on his neck, he would still be alive.

    See how easy that is.

    People need to stop claiming that an arrest record of crimes not fitting the death penalty gives cops the right to enact the death penalty.

    1. Fred:
      Blacks kill each other every day in major urban dem-controlled cities. Where’s your outrage?
      SFC MAC

  22. Now wait a minute, I thought he was a Minister and choir member and hard working wonderful person. gee, turns out he’s just no damned good after all. Not that he should die the way he did, that was murder. As usual the left didn’t miss an opportunity to use his death to get new clothes, tv’s, computers, and boos for free, and the Democrats encourage it.

  23. Randall Bassie

    after viewing Mr Floyds criminal history , i believe Mr Floyds death was a direct product of his lifestyle

  24. if you cannot understand that the man was a habitual offender that needed to be controlled you should continue to play your virtual reality games !

  25. The Gullible public at large, unless they awake from their slumber, will continue to believe the state controlled, corporate controlled self serving Anti Trump media. Floyd,The man who was restrained, yes, wrongly, had a serious criminal past and rap sheet. A passerby took a video and started a firestorm..Hmm!!

  26. When the students go back to school, most Junior/Senior High Schools, Colleges and Universities will continue teaching evolution. A philosophy which says some races are more primitive than others.

  27. You forgot to mention the lady he held at gun point into her gut was noticably pregnant.

    1. John, If you mean that he said antifa is responsible for a lot of the violence, that is correct. They are.

  28. Limbaugh Polyp

    What the fuck is wrong with you? I mean, seriously. What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?

  29. Sherry oldfield

    He should not be murder but it seems some people are lying he is no saint and he does have record.

  30. Michael Potter

    As Paul Harvey used to say, “Now we know the rest of the story!” His rap sheet is lengthy. Read between the lines people.

  31. He was a potential murderer. He pointed a gun at a terrified woman. The guy was scum. In my neighbourhood he would have been taken out long before by the locals. Asshole.

  32. what ever he did in the past doesn’t make him deserving of being killed, but with that being said, the cops should be charged and convicted and sentenced. but this incident is being over blown, PERIOD. it not only Black Lives Matter, ALL LIVES MATTER. quite making this about race and make it about humanity!!!!, be nice, considerate, polite, stop being selfish!!!!! KINDNESS GOES A LONG WAY!!!!!, maybe if humans could be respectful and not antagonistic , do the right thing and stop trying to start shit! old saying, Don’t start no shit, wont be no shit!!!
    what Drew Brees said is fine, it is his beliefs, nothing he said was out of line. kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful PERIOD. fine another way to fight for what you believe in. Riots and stealing just makes it worse!!!!, has anyone heard two wrongs don’t make it right!!!!!!

    1. Eric:
      Where’s you outrage over the rampage, murder, and assaults committed by the protesters?
      SFC MAC

  33. Linda L Nordquist

    George Floyd was far from being a saint and his family knew that but the way he died was wrong and the officers need to face the fact that they murdered him but the riots and all the glorification of George Floyd is also not right .

  34. martin luther washington

    all he was doing was passing bogus twentys trying to turn his life around.the man was a saint.what a tragic loss.

  35. A criminal is a criminal. No one wanted this guy dead, but it happened and cops are now facing jail/prison time, that’s called justice. killing cops doesn’t make things right. Looting innocent merchants stores isn’t justice. What about the victims of homicide perpetrated by black men? Where’s the justice and protests for them?

    1. Linda:
      The only “white group” there was antifa. They’re not “supremacists”.

  36. Definitely was a great mistake by the police that resulted in the death of George Floyd, but it’s another great mistake of treating this habitual criminal as a hero, unfortunately this incident could have been prevented if he wasn’t committing a crime of passing fake bills, they said that he was turning his life around, hard to believe.

  37. CrazyCatLady

    .defending a vile and violent man who really didnt give a shit about a ladies life….good riddance to bad rubbish

  38. No man deserves to die like he did. And take a look at his record since his last arrest. He did his time and had turned his life around…usually whenever there is a death under these circumstances, underneath your Rightist twist on the facts you yourself posted, there is always the actual truth.

  39. It seems that whenever there is a death under these circumstances——underneath the Leftist media’s twist on the truth—-there is always a crime and resisting an officer…ALWAYS.

    1. Linda S.,
      All of the people being assaulted and murdered by the rampaging protesters didn’t deserve it either. It was never about Floyd to begin with. It’s about animalistic thugs who have a propensity for violence and leftwing groups who fund this shit. All they need is an excuse.
      SFC MAC

  40. Jonathan Meek

    I’m sure this comment will be deleted or the picture changed, but what does TEXAS George Floyd have anything to do with MINNESOTA George Floyd. You can’t even conspiracy right.

    1. Jonathan,
      If you did your own homework instead of spouting off, you would know that Floyd was IN TEXAS at the time of his crimes.:

      George Perry Floyd was a 46-year-old black man who was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and raised in the Third Ward[25] of Houston, Texas.[23][26] He played on the basketball and football teams at Yates High School,[26] and attended South Florida Community College for two years, playing on its basketball team.[27][28] Floyd returned to Houston where he became an automotive customizer[29] and joined the hip hop group Screwed Up Click.[30][31] From 2009 to 2014[failed verification] he was imprisoned for armed robbery.[32] In 2014 he moved to Minnesota,[33] where he took two jobs – truck driving and providing security at a restaurant[25] – but in 2020 lost the security job because of the COVID-19 pandemic.[34] He had two daughters in Houston, ages 6 and 22, and an adult son in Bryan, Texas.[35][36]

      You’re the conspiracy nut, obviously.

      SFC MAC

  41. Elizabeth Davies

    No excuse for the policeman’s actions, but maybe people should be aware of this person’s history and then you can have another view. Not condoning this murder, but he certainly wasn’t a law abiding citizen.

  42. I am of the opinion that your inference that George Floyd would have murdered some one in the future is incorrect, it is slanderous to the recently deceased and it is disrespectful to his Loved ones.

    1. Erik du Fresne,
      I’m of the opinion that your opinion is void of facts and insight.

      SFC MAC

  43. Violent criminal history, clearly NOT a different person as some want you to believe – the M.E.’s report shows his blood was loaded with fentanyl and methamphetamine – the fact that THIS time he was just passing counterfeit bills doesn’t mean he wasn’t non-violent – he moved from Texas to Minnecrapolis where he’s been flying under the radar.

    If you watch the Dragon Wok street cam video all the way to the end, not just the carefully clipped part circulating to push the narrative, the cops walk him to their car and try to put him in on the SIDEWALK side of the car – he begins to struggle, drops to the ground, behave erratically, etc. – since the later video clip of the cop with his knee on him is on the OTHER side of the car, clearly he broke loose and tried to escape and they finally recaptured him and wrestled him to the ground on the other STREET side of the car and the officer is sitting on him to restrain him while he continued to struggle

    Dude had advanced arteriolosclerosis and was hopped up on drugs – ultimately, THAT’s what killed him regardless the narrative the opportunistic attorney is purveying (just like he did in the other two bogus cases he tried pushing).

  44. Note that the most recent charge was 13 years ago. He served his time and, by all accounts, was a very different person now. He was working security when he got laid off due to the pandemic, but even his boss had nothing but good things to say about him. Either way, he didn’t do anything to warrant the amount of force used, and he certainly did not deserve to die. He was arrested because the store owner claimed he used a counterfeit $20 bill. That’s not a violent crime, and it’s possible it was passed to him from someone else, and he wasn’t aware of it. Normally, I do find these cases to be justifiable on the police side, but the more video that gets released, the more it appears he wasn’t resisting. And while we are looking at records, have you seen those of the officer’s involved? This wasn’t a race issue like people think. They had numerous complaints, many of them from white people and one from a man who was former law enforcement.

    1. Cher Magin,
      The point is that Floyd wasn’t exactly a boy scout either. He was arrested after an employee at a grocery store called police to report Floyd for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.
      Aside from that, hundreds of blacks kill each other every day (about 6,000 per year), and no one bats a fucking eye.
      When a black muzzie cop in Minnesota shot and killed an unarmed white female there were no protests or riots. The cops destroyed evidence, the media ignored the case, and the black mayor sucked up to the local muzzie population.
      Lots of white people are killed by cops. We don’t riot.
      There’s a certain demographic with a tendency toward violence and rampage. All they need is an excuse.
      SFC MAC

  45. Glenn Weathington

    I might have known he was a criminal…. the officer they are accusing was more than likely justified pinning him to the ground as Floyd resisted & fought him.. Too many black individuals are resisting arrest, knowing the cameras are rolling… The cops have to use force to do their duty…. I hope this officer is exonerated of all charges..The facts leading up to and during this altercation has not been published,, I demand they be known …

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