FYI: House Jan. 6 Select Committee Deleted Over 100 Encrypted Files Before GOP Takeover

Days before the J6 Committee was to turn over their $18M investigation and all of their evidence to the new House GOP Committee, they deleted it all. 117 encrypted files and 4 terabytes were scrubbed, shortly after the GOP House took over the majority.

New York Post

A House subcommittee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot is trying to recover 117 encrypted files that the now-disbanded House Select Jan. 6 Committee deleted before Republicans took the majority last year.

A digital forensics team employed by the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight discovered the data deletion occurred on Jan. 1, 2023, and were able to recover the password-protected files. The find was first reported by Fox News.

“Yes, these reports are accurate,” Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), who sits on the subcommittee, confirmed to The Post. “Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot determine what was in the deleted files.”

“The Democrat-led J6 Select Committee obviously took great strides to shield certain information from us,” Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC), another subcommittee member, told The Post. “The question is: why? What are they trying to hide? Their whole plan was to ‘get to the truth of the matter’. They obviously didn’t want the real truth, just ‘their’ truth.”

The forensic team discovered 117 deleted and encrypted files from the Capitol protest probe. The GOP-led committee received only two terabytes of data instead of the expected four. All deleted files from the investigation were successfully retrieved by Loudermilk’s forensic team.



This collection of unhinged malfeasants was assembled by Pelosi, who ousted any member who showed the slightest support for the protest, and packed it with leftwing goons with a TDS ax to grind.

The Dem cabal and their RINO friends have a visceral hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters. They’re trying to prevent President Trump from seeking re-election.

It’s not working.

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