Gab CEO’s Middle Finger to Tech Tyrants – Transfers ALL of President Trump’s Tweets from Twitter to GAB Account

Here’s the link to the account:

Gateway Pundit

Popular businessman and President Donald Trump had a social media account on Twitter for several years and even before he was President of the United States.
Last week Twitter, Facebook, and others banned and removed the US President from their platforms.
It was a statement on the unprecedented power of their platforms and the power of collusion.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba completely backed up President Trump’s Twitter account before it was deleted and recreated the president’s account on Gab.

What’s even more impressive is he did this while traffic was up 700% and under attack from leftists. Gab is currently having servers upgraded to handle the large influx in traffic but we’re told it should stabilize soon.


Twitter and Facebook had $51 billion of combined market value wiped out since banning President Trump.

Sucks to be them.

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