German Authorities Raid Muslim Extremist Groups

Good for them.

German investigators carried out nationwide raids against two Salafi Muslim groups accused of espousing Islamist extremism as authorities step up measures targeting militant jihadists in the country.

The raids took place today in the states of Bremen, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. They were long planned and unrelated to a security alert issued by the ministry last month in connection with “concrete indications” that an attack may take place.

The action came amid a probe into two groups in western Germany, the Invitation to Paradise and the Islamic Cultural Center Bremen. The ministry cited one elder’s objective to supersede Germany’s legal system with Shariah law, calling it incompatible with the country’s parliamentary democracy.

“For an aggressive democracy, it’s as necessary as it is prudent not to await jihad in the form of an armed struggle in taking action against unconstitutional groups,” the ministry said. Germany’s 2009 counterintelligence report cited a growing number of Salafi preachers in Muslim teaching centers.

“Islamic Cultural Center”….now that sounds familiar:

Those who oppose the construction of an Islamic center in close proximity to Ground Zero are legitimately upset by the hubris of Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf and his associates, and his lack of class and sensitivity exhibited by their insistence to continue forward despite the plaintive objections of those most affected and victimized by the terrorist attacks. Some in opposition appear perplexed that the individuals behind the project have not relented or even acquiesced to open dialogue about moving the Islamic center due to the volatility created by the project. To date, overtures made by the governor of New York as well as members of the clergy have been quietly rebuffed by the people behind the project. If building bridges and fostering goodwill is, in fact, their objective, it is reasonable to question their reluctance and outright refusal to mitigate any ill will by reconsidering the location of the Islamic center. For the purpose of a comprehensive investigation, it is not only reasonable, it is imperative.

……ABDUL RAUF and his associates are working to install Shariah in the U.S.

This muzzie scumbag, along with groups like CAIR, the Arab-American Action Network, Jamaat al Fuqra, and the Muslim Brotherhood, operate, recruit, and plot within our own borders, with the blessing of the government.

Congratulations to Germany for doing what other free nations should be doing on a regular basis.

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