Globalist Elites at World Economic Forum Push for New World Order

The socialist megalomaniacs at the WEF have declared themselves the overlords and we are the serfs.

Laura Ingraham: 

Now, the reason the public doesn’t trust the media establishment like that guy or the corporate establishment, the public health establishment, is because they’ve long ago ceased being honest brokers. They’ve become rank partisans and, of course, committed globalists. So how is it that a bunch of brave doctors were the first to expose the problems with those mRNA COVID shots? Why did the Gray Lady dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story out of hand? Another conspiracy, they call it. Please. Now remember the elites, even our own media, they really don’t like your free speech because if your views are contrary to theirs and your views are passionately expressed, it’s going to be described as disinformation, misinformation, a conspiracy theory, or their favorite hate speech.


No more development. None for you, no more growth. It’s back to the Stone Age. Well, beneath all their breathless blather about sustainability and global equity lies the truth about the globalists’ real goals. Look, we’re not experiencing a planetary emergency. They’re experiencing a power emergency, meaning theirs is in jeopardy. Protecting their own perches of influence and money. Consolidating their power by any means necessary is their aim.

So your modes of transportation, your food sources, how you cook your food, your right to self-defense, your right to free speech, even your right to own property would be sacrificed for the greater good.

But just remember this Klaus and the gang’s greatest hits are only popular among a small slice of left-wing fanatics and elites who fly to Davos to virtue signal on the way to the caviar and crystal ball. In two years, America is going to have a new leader who puts America first. And the Davos doofuses on notice.


They want total control of your lives. And they just adore the ChiCom dictatorship. It’s a model of perfect government. The Police State created in the West during the covid hysteria was great, but oh Lord, the ChiCom brutality against the masses was pure utopia.

Even more disturbing is Dem Mike Manchin’s statement: “”The problem that we have is the open press system and basically all the platforms. So if you’re able to have five platform, social platforms, you can basically personify the extremes as somebody who is extremely right or extremely left, and it seems like that is the majority speaking. They’re not the majority, but they’re basically driving everybody to make a decision.”  In other words, open forums and debate are “problems”.  There’s so many platforms, we can’t function without the autocrats telling us what to think.

This unhinged little tyrant thinks the US will soon have “illegal hate speech laws”.  Emphasis in parentheses are mine:

Hate speech laws, of course, would be a direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

(Vera) Jourova made the claim on a panel on “the clear and present danger of disinformation” with former (fired)  CNN Host Brian Stelter on Tuesday.

“For hate speech, we need the people who understand the language and the case law in the country, because what qualifies as hate speech, illegal hate speech, which you will have soon also in the U.S., we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law,” Jourova said.

“We need the platforms to simply work with the language and identify such cases. The AI [artificial intelligence] would be too dangerous,” Jourova continued.

There’s already been a concerted effort by the US government to censor outright, speech it deems as ‘dangerous’ and ‘misinformation’.
All three letter government agencies dictated which accounts to ban on Twitter.
You’ll notice that not one of these self-appointed rulers would relinquish their current citizenships and live under the CCP. They just want to dictate the New World Order to us peons from Mount Olympus.



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