Gold Star Dads Who Lost Sons in Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal, Blast His Depraved Indifference

At 7:40 into the video.


Biden ignored warnings to keep at least 2,500 troops on the ground in Afghanistan to help with negotiations between Afghanistan and the Taliban. Trump would have never pulled out in a way that left the Taliban with American weapons and equipment or placed American lives in jeopardy.
This is what the military does in actual tactical, planned withdrawals: Have troops and close air support in place before evacuation. Security transports evacuees to the airfield. Let the enemy know that if they make any moves toward the embassy and airport, they will get turned into mush by AC-130s and Apache attack helicopters. Then you start running the planes 24/7. Last ones to leave turn out the lights.
If you know anything about contingency plans, you know that Biden botched the withdrawal in four key ways: military and intelligence, coordination, planning, and communication. He also gave the Taliban a list of Americans and allies in the country, thus signing their death warrant. In July, he was warned about the situation in Kabul. His answer: “I just want to talk about happy things, man”. What a dolt. He’s clearly got dementia and his cognitive abilities are slipping. Mark MilleyLloyd Austin, and the rest of them are buffoons who could mess up a wet dream.
Biden’s regime turned what should have been a tactical withdrawal into a chaotic disaster that cost the lives of 13 service members. He has disgraced us on a world-wide stage. Our enemies are laughing and our allies are shaking their heads.
If they had any decency they would resign; from Biden on down. But decency is not a Dem virtue.
This is typical of all the despicable shitstains in the Biden regime. Deny, spin, blame others, and claim ignorance.



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