Gold Star Mom Reveals Biden’s Heartless Comment as She Wept During Oval Office Meeting

This rat fuck is totally out of touch.

Western Journal

A Gold Star mother whose son died during the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal has revealed the heartless way President Joe Biden treated her when she paid him a visit at the White House.

In August 2021, during the botched withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside of Kabul Airport, killing 13 U.S. service members.

One of the victims was Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Christian Knauss, whose mother met Biden during an event for Gold Star families at the White House in 2022.

According to a U.K. Daily Mail report Monday, during a Memorial Day event at the White House last year, Paula Knauss Selph had a meeting with the president in the Oval Office.

Paula Selph was hoping that the president would show some sympathy, take responsibility, and give her some closure, but Biden did absolutely none of that.

During the meeting, Selph began to weep while reflecting on the loss of her son. Biden sat there making no attempt to comfort her, she said, instead asking her if she wanted a photo with him.

The distraught mother said she responded that she would only like a picture if it was of the president standing next to her son’s tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery.

She said Biden replied, “I can’t do that because Secret Service won’t let me do that.”

Selph said that it was a “moral disgrace” for the president to not have any sympathy or show any mercy to the families of the soldiers under his command, especially since she held him accountable for the tragedy.

Selph has every right to be angry about this encounter. The purpose of this meeting was to honor her and her son’s sacrifice and give her some closure. Instead, the president made it all about him by turning the event into a photo op, seemingly unaware of the mother’s purpose for visiting him.

This seems to be a pattern with Joe Biden. Since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, he has shown the same indifference to other Gold Star families.

In 2021, he spoke to Cherry Rex, mother of Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola, who also died in the bombing, during the ceremony for the transfer of his remains in Delaware. During the encounter, Biden compared her loss to the loss of his son, Beau, who died from cancer.

Rex said she found herself shaking with anger at the thought that Biden would try to use the occasion to corral sympathy for himself when the event was about the family who had just lost their own son.

But beyond the indifference he has shown to the families of the fallen, we need to remember that Biden is at fault for what happened in Afghanistan, and he needs to be held accountable for it.

Biden’s narcissism and depraved indifference is part of his psychological makeup.

Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a Marine who was badly wounded in the horribly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, recounted Biden’s visit while he was in the hospital:

……“Right away, like, [I] remember him coming up to me, trying to shake my hand, like, [he] tried to shake my right hand” said Vargas-Andrews, who, again, is missing an arm.

The wounded veteran continued: “I look at him, and I’m like, ‘I don’t have an arm,’ and my left arm is in this big a** cast with this giant, orange f***ing foam block around it, [rendering it] completely immobile.’”

Yes, the president of the United States put so much care and thought into visiting the country’s wounded heroes, he tried to shake a hand that (literally) wasn’t there.

Somehow, things only got worse from there.

“All I can do is move my head,” Vargas-Andrews continued. “My arm’s gone, like, I don’t have an arm, and he says, ‘Oh.’”

From there Biden, apparently still dead set on shaking a wounded man’s hand, then allegedly reached out to Vargas-Andrews’ exposed fingertips on his immobilized left arm and grabbed the fingers.

……After understandably finding the entire interaction bizarre, Vargas-Andrews then accused the president of making his plight all about himself.

“I was like, okay, that’s weird,” Vargas-Andrews said. “And you know, [Biden] almost immediately starts talking, like, about how their son served in the military.”

The Marine added that Biden “doesn’t say anything about what happened” in Afghanistan.

In perhaps the only endearing part of this Biden anecdote, Vargas-Andrews noted that his mother, growing increasingly frustrated with Biden’s hollow and shallow visit, tore into the incumbent president in an expletive-laden rant.

“[My mom] was like, ‘I don’t give a f***. I don’t care what you guys f***ing do.’ She’s like, ‘You better take care of him for the rest of his f***ing life,’” Vargas-Andrews recounted.

It’s at this point that things somehow take a turn for the even worse, as Biden appears to pose a rather heartless question to the wounded Marine.

“[Biden] leans over me, and he’s like this close to my face,” Vargas-Andrews said. “And he’s like: ‘What do you want?’”

Excuse me? The interviewer, the eponymous Shawn Ryan, even echoed that question back at Vargas-Andrews, completely confused as to what, if anything, Biden was grasping at.

“Yeah, he said ‘What do you want?’” Vargas-Andrews said. “I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘What do you want?’

“And I’m just like confused. I just got blown-up. Just f***ing saw my friends die next to me. I’m like, ‘I just want to be myself,’ and he’s like, ‘Huh?’


Biden’s brain wanders around without a chaperone most of the time. His handlers let him ramble incoherent gibberish and trip over his own shadow while the world looks on and shakes their heads, or in the case of our enemies, laughing their asses off.

His reputation with the military isn’t good to begin with. Aside from pushing an agenda that is turning the armed forces into mush, he was preoccupied with looking at his watch during the return of fallen troops from his Afghanistan fuck up. He refers incessantly to his son, Joseph “Beau” Biden III, a JAG officer, who succumbed to brain cancer in 2015, because it’s all about him. And he commanded troops to clap and insulted them for being a “dull bunch,” as he addressed them at an air base in Abu Dhabi.

Installing  this corruptsenile, diaper-wearing imbecile into the White House was a bad idea.

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