GOP Shutdown Proposal: Require Congress and Obama to Take Part in ObamaCare

The DemLeft assclowns keep insisting “it’s the law”, so by gawd, everyone should suffer the consequences, including the SCOAMF who dreamed it up.

From the Washington Times.

House Republicans said Tuesday they will counter the Senate’s debt and spending deal by insisting that it also include language making Congress, President Obama and top political appointees in both branches of government have to take part in Obamacare.

Emerging from a morning meeting, GOP lawmakers also said they will add a delay of the despised medical device tax to its version of a bill to extend the debt limit and reopen the government after a two-week shutdown. They expect to put the bill on the House floor later Tuesday.

The move is pushback against the deal the Senate is working, which doesn’t make any major dents in the president’s health law. The House bill would take the same details about how long a stopgap spending bill and the debt increase should last, and expand it with the new Obamacare provisions.

……Republicans believe they have found popular changes that will make Senate Democrats have to take tough votes.

“If ObamaCare is good for members of Congress, then it’s good for the president,” said Rep. Darrell Issa, California Republican.

And of course, Emperor B. Hussein rejected it outright.

Do you really think Obama, members of Congress and their staffers, or the Supreme Court justices will be forced to wait in line for treatment, suffer penalties, and endure sub-standard care? The mere suggestion gives them grand mal seizures.

Nice gesture, though.

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